“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

As a professional content curator, Celestia takes pride in the PR campaigns she undertakes and craft excellent content to tell the story of the brands and products she worked with and experienced. She is always an absolute joy to work with and is always dedicated to her job. We look forward to more collaborations in creating good content together!
Marine Lim
absolute PR
As a marketer, Celestia has always been very passionate and professional, and our interaction is related to the F&B industry. Well connected and able to bring people and business together. She is committed to getting things done the best that she can. A perfect choice if you like to grow and market your brand. Rock the boat, Celestia!
Patrick Teh
General Manager
Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd
I know Celestia as a serial entrepreneur who had successfully built her businesses and created a strong brand for herself. As a firm believer in woman empowerment, she co-founded GirlBoss.Asia to inspire and help other women in Asia. She is a very authentic and forthcoming lady who takes care of people around her and is always ready to give. Not forgetting definitely someone confident and beautifully dressed to impress for any occasion.
Rachel Wong
Co founder & Managing Director
Marunda Utama Engineering Pte Ltd
Celestia is an excellent connector and possess intuition which enables her to read the room effectively. With her bubbly personality, she readily breaks down walls in any setting, allowing authentic conversations to take place & ideas to flow freely. Besides having a knack for finding solutions through creativity and improvisation through her immense network. Celestia is also an effective communicator of key thoughts that needs to be put across in any networking or social settings. Sincerity, excellence & generosity in the core of who Celestia is.
Joshua Royston Lim
Music Educator
Regional Artiste
International Grand Prix Recipient
Celestia is a very dynamic lady with impeccable taste in food , customized hampers and events. She sources for the best quality food and drinks at reasonable prices.
She organizes events that prove to be a hit always with all the guests! I totally recommend her to all seeking a sensational culinary experience !
Wei Ying
Relationship Manager
Bank Julius Baer
In her job, Celestia exhibits professionalism and passion as a driven and accomplished marketer. She is excellent at connecting individuals and businesses due to her knowledge of the food and beverage sector and her remarkable networking skills. For anyone wishing to strengthen and advance their brand, Celestia is the best option because of its commitment to outcomes.
Ivan Teo
Arteastiq Group
Celestia is an exceptional individual with a sparkling personality. She exudes confidence and always brings a fun energy to any situation. When it comes her work, Celestia exudes professionalism and takes immense pride in building her brand. She is sincere in her approach and has a rare ability to effectively communicate her ideas. Working with her was a stress-free experience as I knew I was in capable hands.
Avril Chong
Emkore Clinic
Celestia is a perfectionist, whether it's in her cooking or in her professional space. In her social space too, many nice words will be used to describe her. But to me, 3 words wrap it up: heart of gold.
Denis Alexander Oei
Director, Forex Execution & Advisory
Bank Julius Baer
Celestia brings energy to the room. She is an enthusiastic individual who brings fresh ideas and perspectives. She is an expressive communicator who takes pride in her work, and working with her is a breeze.
Cindy Leong
The Enneagram Academy
It has been a couple of months working together with Celestia We went down the usual route of client and owner relationship in the beginning when we started working together . As time went by, we started becoming friends and naturally getting to know each other . To me , Celestia is like the joy of any party ..where there is Celestia , there’s always laughter and joy. She’s really easy to work with as well, always timely for appointments and schedules!
Aaron Kwek
Managing Director
Pisces Wellness
Celestia was not only easy to work with, but her communication was also excellent. Working with her many years, she always gives very good ideas and also offered sound suggestions that added to the quality of each of our projects. She did everything with passions; super organised and calm. Nothing seemed to faze her, no matter how frantic the schedule was; tackled each task with a smile.
Joyce Chu
General Manager
Tat Ming International Pte Ltd
Celestia is a responsible professional who will go the extra mile to serve her clients. She is always kind and very supportive of others. She is determined to pursue her success in life. As a person, she is fun loving, full of energy and dynamic.
Steven Koh
Glearn Training & Consultancy
I recently had the pleasure of working with a Celestia who truly exceeded my expectations. From the beginning, the communication was clear, professional, and timely. She took the time to understand my business, my goals, and my target audience, and developed a marketing strategy that was tailored specifically to my needs. Throughout the campaign, she provided regular updates and was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. Her attention to detail and her commitment to delivering results were evident in every aspect of the campaign. Thanks to her expertise and hard work which delivered significant improvements to our engagement and I would highly recommend Celestia to anyone looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.
Alex Chong
Founder of ACTeam
AIA Singapore Pte Ltd
Celestia Faith Chong creates magic amidst her busy schedules. I have known her for almost 10 years and she has never failed to impress me with her resilience, tenacity and never say die attitude. Well spoken, and charismatic, she lights up the world around her with her passion and voices for the sidelined and marginalised. With her strong marketing and branding background, she easily brings people and partners together to achieve a common goal. Celestia is always upping her ante where ever she goes.
Dennis Toh
FLUX Media
If you need someone to liven an event, that's Celestia. With excellent "people skills" and an uncanny grasp of communicating, organising, networking and styling traits, she is the life and soul of any business event. Moreover, in contrast to her sparkling bubbly character, Celestia also has a caring and gentle personality, making it a joy to discuss, consult and understand your business branding, marketing and planning needs.
Jerry Hoh
Professional actor, Management Trainer and Consultant
Celestia is a passionate and energetic soul who is familiar with all the ins and outs in PR and communications. She also has great taste in food so dining with her is always a pleasure. She is an ultimate connector who is independent and savvy. What I personally appreciate most is that she always has a warm smile for me.
Gillian Tan
Had the opportunity to meet Celestia during workshops and events. She is professional in what she does. She is vibrant, dynamic and creative.
Yannie Yong
Founder and CEO
Rose of Sharon
I’m fortunate to have the privilege of meeting and working with Celestia in person. She is a forward-thinking influencer, entrepreneur and leader with a global reach. Celestia’s desire to always to go above and beyond the expectations is exemplary. If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Celestia is that person.
Peter Radu
Global Traveler, Explorer
A dynamic and charismatic lady as she is, Celestia has shown her capability in her work as a PR personnel. Seeing how she puts her dedication into the things that she believes in, firmly allows us to place our trust in her. Not only is she able to carry out her marketing skills well, she is also a fanatic when it comes to sourcing for quality food and drinks, as one of her beliefs is "Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilised pleasures!".
Clarence Tan
Managing Partner
Platinum Wines & Spirits Pte Ltd
I know Celestia since 2008 when she worked for one of the renowned real estate developer in Singapore. Celestia is a loving mother who adores children. She is also a very patient soul, doesn’t pressure someone to get things done. We seldom meet due to our commitments but when we do, we have so much to catch up. All the best in whatever you do, Celestia.
Veronica Chia
GM Recruitment
Connect Energy
I’ve been working with Celestial for several years now and I’ve never been disappointed. She is always available when I need her, and she always deliver on time. If you want to work with someone that really, truly cares about their customers, then look no further Celestia
Kelvin Ang
Resources a la minute