Jayden 1st Children’s Day Celebration In NHPS

Happily packed all the stuff and proceed to NHPS in excitement all decked in yellow. Yellow is suppose to be a happy colour and I especially love bright yellow! The day brightens up with all the kiddos decked in their sunshine smiles. 

The party started from 830 to 1030am with food, games, video and kids performing. A simple but fulfilling celebration. I managed to talk to some of Jayden’s classmates and I felt this is important to be more engaged in his learning journey. He is blending well with a few BFFs which at least that I know that he will be happy going to school and studying with his friends. He has a very attentive and committed form teacher Ms Teo whom I got to know more personally. Its just me and another daddy who is helping out the party today. Besides food, I couldn’t resist in taking some photos as usual. Well… the rest of the details speaks for itself with the photos below… 

Class 1H with pretty form teacher Ms Teo 
Snacks galore
Lucky Jayden Surrounded by Pretty Gals ( Erica & Jia Yin)
Jayden’s BFF (Jia Yin)  trying to give him a kiss!
Love her jovial and cheeky personality!
My Pride & Joy
Jayden with his playmates (Qian Yi & Jing Yang)
Red Team! ( Qian Yi, Zi Xin, Yi Xuan, Erica, Jia Ying )
Jayden and Ms Teo

Cheeky boyz! ( Jin Yang, Ethan, Guang Yi )

1st Performance: Brave Nicole of the day singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

Me & My Darling


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