Reminiscing Joys of Motherhood – Part 1 Prince Jayden 1st year

In the past week I have been reminiscing the good old days when I was pregnant, gave birth, breastfeeding and witnessing all the tiny milestones that my 3 angels took.  I guess the joy of seeing my good friends like Brenda, Elaine and Jann really set me thinking of how fast time has just flew me by. I am really happy for them on their new arrival.

Feeling the miracle baby growing in me, kicking, burping and finally the excruciating pain that I endured during birth. Maybe I should document a brief encounter of my birth process before they all become so vague that I could not remember.

Jayden (Meaning “Gift from God/To be Thankful For”) was born on 28 May 2006. My first gynae was Christopher Chong from Gleneagles. The birth was induced as I lost 1.7kg since the last visit, so down to 6kg of weight gain. Its 11am thus I suggested for a few hours break to eat my favourite Scotts beef noodles, Yami Yoghurt and Naan plus shopping at GSS Tangs before I head back to Gleneagles at 4pm. I experienced 14 hours of contraction and pain but cervix is only opened till 3cm. During this interval I was determined not to have any epi. Dr Christopher gave me the option of either epi or c-sect and thus I opted for epi to relax my cervix to try for natural delivery. Apparently this seems to work but due to 14 hours of no food and drinks I am vomiting out my gastric juices and too exhausted to push. This time I was being suggested assisted delivery. Being determined to give birth the most natural way, I rejected and the nurses are helping by pushing my tummy. Thus Jayden Foo Jie Ren who was supposed to be borned on 27 May became a 28 May 2006 baby. Some how the first cry was like music to my ears as it signifies his existence being my first angel. He is of a good weight despite my minimal weight gain at 3.165kg and 51cm.

I managed to breastfeed Jayden for 6months before I weaned off. The initial stage was depressing as I do not have any breastfeeding support from anyone. My MIL(Mother-In-Law) felt that the bm(breastmilk) is too diluted and I was cause Jayden to go hungry and my mom felt that I needed more rest. Plus the fact that Jayden TGA condition also add a challenge for me to combat breastfeeding as a first time mummy. I always feel breastfeeding is a gift from God that we give to our babies. Its the best and only we as mummy can do it thus I am set to breastfeed no matter who stood in my way. 

Here’s a video how he stole my heart away during his 1st month.

Jayden is a good natured and beautiful baby. He gave me the countless moments of joy of being a mummy despite the sleepless nights, carrying demands, looping baby lullabies. I managed well without any confinement lady and am appreciative to spend many personal moments with him. 

I am sharing some snapshots of his growth below till one year.

Month 1: He is growing chubby fast with my breastmilk. Look at how cheeky he is!
Month 2: Started to bring him out. Attended Joey baby 1st month celebration too. 
Month 3: He is starting to stuff his fingers into his mouth and play with my nipples. Naughty!

Month 4: I am trying to communicate with dear Jayden everyday and his expressions shows he understood! Hahaha…

Month 4: He likes to sleep on me between the armpits like a kangaroo baby.

Month 5: Daddy showering love…

Month 5: Laughter Medley

Month 5: He loves to bath and chuckles a lot!

Month 6: Jayden just loves to laugh and daddy and mummy cannot help but laugh with him too!

Month 6: Jayden 1st trip to KL/Genting to attend Lily wedding. Final month of breastfeeding. Sob sob… 

Month 7: Jayden 1st & only time seeing his great-grandmother. The encounter is priceless!

Month 8: He laughs each time we pretend to sneeze infectious really…
Month 8: Jayden 1st CNY celebration. I love dolling him up in tradition costume.  
Month 9: 笑死我了。Check out the conversation between grandson and grandfather.

Month 9: He’s busy cruising all the time… Looking so boy now.

Month 10: Jayden playing with Ah Ma. Precious laughter…

Month 10: Playdates month! He is progressing better in tiny steps now and love his colourful play corner in the hall. 

                          Month 11: Mummy fooling around with Jayden playing with tongue.

Month 11: Jayden 2nd trip to KL/Genting and I must say he is behaving very well. Playdate with Baby Chanz whom Mummy Clarine I know through the forum . She is such a talented little gal!

Well, its a quick throwback on Jayden’s first year. It made me realised how much laughter he has as a baby. I love you baby Jayden. In mummy eyes, you will always be my baby no matter how much you grown.

During his 13th month I am pregnant with Chloez! I will continue with Chloez 1st year on my next post… Stay tuned!


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