Clovelle first Dog See/Feel Experience!

Came to Sunray cafe for the sake of the upcoming event to discuss some details with Dave. Dave has a very helpful and friendly disposition. Its pretty accessible except that I got lost as I am hopeless with using my GPS. Its situated in a peaceful neighbourhood and definitely a good choice to drop by and chill with your dogs. 

I met some beauties while exploring the pets area of the cafe. They were all so friendly and fun loving!

Look at the irresistible cutie look! 

Classic dog model! Can you see the eyes talking to you? 

I bent down trying to build rapport with the dogs and beckon for Clovelle to do the same. Its her virgin experience to have such close contacts with dogs. Look at her hesitant and defensive action! I decided I must expose her to dogs more often as the saying goes “Dogs are human best friends!”

You see Clovelle grabbing me real tight after her earlier experience… Not bad a start since she was not crying then it will definitely get better!

Trying hard to get a group photo but Clovelle just refused to be seated near any dogs are the dogs were all too busy and hyper to be station for the shoot so these pics were as good as it could get! Hahaha…

Next stop, we took a bus to AMK Hub. Decided to reward Clovelle for being such a good gal earlier and there she went going up to every single ride that she set her eyes on… BUSY…

Concluding the days’ outing with a few photos with mummy… I do really appreciate such personal moments and exposing her to positive 1st experience and this time is to show love for dogs. I do believe that Clovelle can learn to love dogs better in future. Jia you my little one!


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