Clovelle Teething Expedition!

Its Clovelle regular checkup for her teeth. Her condition for her frontal teeth had always not been very good due to the fact that I was latching her till she was 33months and had to stop as Dr Lim advised to savage her teeth hopefully till she is near to 6 to 7 years. She has the habit of latching at night and the breastmilk stays within the mouth. I tore myself away from this stage and decide that I need to wean her off to save her teeth.

Here the gals were playing at School Dental Centre while waiting for Clovelle turn to see Dr Lim Wan Yi. I would really like to compliment her patience with kids, her expertise to do the best for them like she had done for Clovelle and its such a breeze getting Clovelle to go dentist now that she looks forward to the conversation during the treatment and stickers given after by Dr Lim.

Really must compliment my little princess for behaving so well during the whole process. Well done my sweetheart!

One of her favourite segment, stickers time! She remembered to choose sticker for Jayden too! 

I must get this tooth paste after the current organic one is used up as it is strongly recommended by Dr Lim. Took a photo in case I forgot how its like. I did not know that Elgydium comes in Junior toothpaste too!

Brought the gals to Funan and they create chaos for my mum who’s working there playing make believe games and dancing at the fitting room area. How nice to have gals!

Clovelle all worn out after a full day of activities and fell asleep amist watching her favourite video… Zzz…


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