Beautiful Moms Private Event by Mustela & Spring Maternity

I was invited by Josephine from Mustela to share on my breastfeeding journey. Pretty elated as breastfeeding had always been something that is close to my heart as I breastfed my 3 kids for 6 months, 18 months and 33 months.
As it was Qing Ming, there was a heavy downpour as always (seems to be). The event began with a talk by Ms Denise, the Founder of Dynamic Resources Pte Ltd, Distributor of Mustela Singapore. She talked about the challenges of skin during pregnancy as well as the changes of the breast from pregnancy to breastfeeding to post breastfeeding stage. Then there was this concern on cracked and dry nipples too which I felt that

Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm would serve well for many mummies as it is specially formulated for the nipple area (which is particularly exposed and sensitive during breastfeeding).

There were 5 bloggers ( From the left : Estella, Serene, Beverly, myself and Ju Ann ) being invited to share our breastfeeding journey and we had an enjoyable moments sharing on challenges on how to cope with breastfeeding after going back to work, knowing if our kids had enough of breastmilk, how breastfeeding affects our breast… Plus we had a good laugh over the intimate details.
Sharing session in progress…

Not forgetting my 3 kids who got entertained with the colouring and both Jayden and Chloez worn a cup set from Puku. They love the colours on the cup and used it immediately! Thanks to this, I can enjoy the whole event with total ease, of course must give credit to my helper who was with me.

Look at how adorable Beverly‘s little Hunter was! He caught the heart of many mummies with his cheeky smiles! Geez! I wanna KISS him!

Danielle from Spring shared on the latest Summer Blue collection and demonstrated this amazing cardigan worn on me which could allow discreet breastfeeding with the thoughtful magnetic feature on the shoulder area.

This was one of my favourite segment. FOOD! Especially where Carolynne Ng, Project Manager from TMC who has 2 kids share about the importance of having the proper nutrients after childbirth and the in-house food menu specially designed by the TCM specialist. TMC also provides home delivery 2 times a day for lunch and dinner for mummies doing confinement. It saves the hassle of choosing safe and quality food.  We were all given a portion sampling of the 5 common confinement food items. The mummies were all taking food photos before starting to dig in. 
These were what was being served by hers truly Carolynne. I love confinement food so despite the fact that I was supposed to be on my day 4 of detox. I took the full servings without the pig trotter of course. The best part was that it was not so salty and oily.

Photo with the team of Mustela and Spring

Me with dear Josephine from Mustela.

Danielle from Spring and me.

Bloggers with TMC team. Right at the back were Carolynn Ng (Project Manager from TMC) and Fonnie Lo (Senior Manager, TMC ParentCraft Services). Of course my 3 kids right at the front and I was wearing the same top with my gals from Babe&Bebe Fashionista Inc.

From Left: Carolynn Ng (Project Manager from TMC) and Fonnie Lo (Senior Manager, TMC ParentCraft Services). It was such a pleasant surprise to see Fonnie again as I met her few months back in the Mediacorp event with Eric Neo.

Me and my angels. Carrying my 3 year old Clovelle and standing were Jayden and Chloez. Its always a blessing to attend events with my 3 loves.

 Ok. A little commercial break. Thank you Mustela and Spring for having us!

 ( From the left : Estella,Beverly, myself,  Serene and Ju Ann ) 
Showdown of the goodie bag and I love my first blogger tag as it was in my favourite pink! 

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It will be an afternoon of sharing about beauty secrets by Mustela, a Mini-photo shoot by Cottony Photography and latest collection of Spring Maternity’s maternity and nursing wear and other exciting activities.

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