Charity Love: Ration Donations to Society of the Aged Sick – Part 1!

In life, we all think we have it all just by having money and our own family but little do we realised that there are old folks out there requiring our attention. All these years, I have been thinking of my grandmother and how my heart aches till now. My tears just welled up each time. She is indeed close to my heart and I secretly hope that she could just talk to me in whatever way there is. So there is this thing within me to start this drive when given this opportunity to help the elderly.
Society for the Aged Sick is a non-profit, charitable organization with a total of 244 beds, offering residential care for the destitute and aged sick. They are usually destitute, elderly from low-income families and deserving cases recommended by Medical Social Workers.I know of this place through joining Mrs Singapore 2014.

This donation ration drive for the old folks started in March and I am so glad and fortunate that I certainly have many friends with a big heart from all over. Kindness does goes a long way. 

The drive was posted via Facebook and followed by whatsapp to the closer friends. For a 1st try, I am really contented to have raised $4.1k worth of ration for the old folks with support of my friends both near and far. To save the hassle of the donors, I contacted Jillan Koh of Wah Teck Hao, who graciously helped to take in the orders and Ivan who deliver free to the Home on April 11.
The total drive amount was $4119.90. I will put it in a separate blog on the balance $349 worth of ration by YES supermarket after I received the delivery note and photos from them.
Thank you Sooooooooooooo Much on behalf of the old folks!
Here is a breakdown of the huge love:

Sweet Product Donors   
Joan Lee $690.00 Panadol 30x$23
Shannon Heo $168.00 Anlene Milk
Soh Kheng Peng $168.00 Anlene Milk
Yeo Mui Ling $168.00 Anlene Milk
Michelle Soh $140.00 Milo 2X$70
Roger Khoo $100.00 2x$23(Panadol)+Sugar
Evie Quah $90.00 cooking oil
Alice Chua $57.00 $23(Panadol)+$34 Oyster Sauce
Bag Charm Love $51.00 Sugar
Cheryl Koh $51.00 Sugar
Hui Bing $24.00 Toilet Roll
Subtotal $1,707.00
Sweet Cash Donors                         
Harry Foo $1,000.00
Mdm KK $250.00
Angielia Chen $100.00
Celine Cheng $100.00
Elsie Tan $100.00
Julie Sin $100.00
Lorraine Boon $100.00
Penny Chua $100.00
Michelle Peck $70.00
Christopher Foo $50.00
Rebecca Chan $50.00
Sharon Anne $44.00
Subtotal $2,064.00
Total $3,771.00


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