Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist – Airfryer Demo at Mayer In Causeway Point

Reached here bright and early and liked the spacious setup of the place. I am eyeing on the Kitchen Aid mixer for the longest period of time. Today, gonna learn how to use the airfryer  from Mayer. Really curious how this is different compared to food cooked with oil. Definitely a much healthier choice for my family so this is gonna be important for me and at the same time prepare for the cooking contest on 20 May… 

This is the beautiful little baby given to all the finalists!

Looking so ever slick does it? The blue light is a temperature indication. Nice…

 Toasting bread using the air fryer later and it does taste good!

Ok… I admit it… This is one of the best. Frozen prata cut into triangle and wrap with hotdogs. The end result is crispy and so aromatic!

Garlic bread in the making…

Our Shi Fu Ivy of the day! She is such a nice lady being ever so patient and smiling all the way. Well done Ivy!
Me and gorgeous Caroline… She’s a scholarship teacher so she is definitely a beauty with brains. Plus a sincerely personality. My kaki to chat around during events. LOL

Pinching some food when the demo is in session. This is what I called enjoy the process! By the time the cooking is done, I believe the food too. Wahahaha.. Look at the serious expressions behind me. I am foling around taking taking my eating photo, thanks to Caroline.

Don’t they just look too amazing to be a Mrs Classic Singapore? Sumini has a fabulous personality and figure and guess what, she is an awesome belly dancer too! Susan was from Hong Kong and she was an ex model. Wow. I am truly inspired.

Its the ladies thing to get into group photos. Hahaha… Glad they shared the same habit that I do. Take photos! From left: Caroline, me, Sumini and Cheryl

Here we go again… From left: Caroline, me, Sumini and Cheryl

Taking attendance time! 

This will be our standard practise for group shot from now onwards. Gotta get use to it. Need to get used to the correct body position and angle to look good. I see myself now in this weird angle looking fa… Grrr

Right… I seem to like this much better…


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