Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist : Parent & Child Look-a-like & Talent Contest

My 3 angels were here supporting mummy in this event. They are gonna be on the stage with me at 121 Katong. Its their first trip here. We took mrt to Paya Lebar and its so convenient with a shuttle bus taking right to the mall.
Another of my number 1 supporter. My dearest mom! She never failed to be there for me in whatever I got myself into. Love you mummy! Muacks!

Me and the gals OOTD was a red polka dot dress from Fox kids. I just love wearing the same with my gals. Well, Jayden is also in pink to match with us. :p

Started with the parent and child look alike contest first. Me and Chloez did a 3 point pose on stage and answer question on our favourite pastime. I was quite vexed in what to answer as we did many things together and finally said going shopping and guess what what Chloez said? Going out together! Well that is kinda close doesnt it? šŸ™‚
Next I was up wmy 3 angels on stage. we sung Close to you by Carpenters. They did really well but mummy made a huge boo boo by forgetting lyrics on stage. Geez! I was utterly nervous but nevertheless flashed a smiley grin to the judges seeking their understanding. Wahaha… I have been practising for 3 days on this song but the moment I am up on the stage, the butterflies started fluttering. I promised mummy will do better k my sweethearts.  Needless to say the we did not worn the contest but I enjoyed the bonding moments with them. 

The kids having some stage fun while the results was being tabulated. Jayden won with a 18sec longest breathe “My mummy is the best………” with gift sponsored by 112 Katong. Thank you darling! All 3 of you are the best in my heart! 
Group photos with the other super talented finalists.
I love this photo!
Finale stage photo with everyone. šŸ™‚
Photo with the Queens and Emcee! All looking gorgeous!
Photo with Frever. Thank you for being ever so supportive in all the events! šŸ™‚


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