Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist – J&C Gown Collection Excitement with Tuesday!

Introducing the ever so cute Tuesday! He’s a very gentle dog and he is named after J&C offday! Innovative name right? Look at him posing for the camera…  Super adorable!

I am trying hard to do a selfie with him with Annis help. Not too bad!

Cannot do without a selfie with the bridal gowns. How I wish I can wear it again. I missed being a little princess at heart. Well, which women don’t!

Me and the ever so young looking Annis. Thanks for rushing out the gown in time and being so helpful.

Biggest thanks to Cynthia for sponsoring and making such beautiful gowns! I am keeping the design in suspense so do watch out for it in my future blog on the finals!

Sponsored Gowns: J&C Bridal
Sponsored Camera Usage: Casio Exilim Singapore
Sponsored Shoes: Riccino Shoes


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