Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist – Final Showdown! Part 1

Our morning faces at OCC for the final rehearsal before the show at 7pm. Its the day after 2 months of events and time really just flew past without us realising it. Many friendship formed and meant to last as we continue to share our life together by continuing to keep in touch after the journey.

Look at the finalists behind me with their hubby practising when I stole a little time for a photo.

 One wonderful friend I made, Cindy with her handsome son. A friendly and outgoing sexy mummy. Glad I know you babe!

One of the good friends that I made is the Mrs Singapore Planet 2014! Sincere and humble Fion Xiao Yao. So proud of  you! Selfie of us after the makeup.
Sponsored makeup by School of Makeup, Yuki. Thank you for dolling me and all the best to you!
So honoured to have my hair done by Jeric from Jeric Hair Salon. Love the bouncing curls and the hair tips you shared. Its been enjoyable chatting with such a humble boss.

I am all ready for the first opening dance!

Me and Mrs Singapore Universe 2014! Well deserved win dear!

Me, Lidya and Audrey who is the Mrs Singapore Globe 2014! We just love taking photos. Audrey and I hit off pretty well and as a dance kaki, we practise and share many comic moments together. I am really happy for her!

 The many of the fantastic ladies shown here are really dear to me too! Thank you for walking through this journey with me.

The charming, sexy and personable emcee of the night, Shannon Su! We meet during the talent and cooking contest in Katong 112 earlier events and she is indeed a talent lady who hosts events with gusto!

Photo by Cheryl

Making use of the short break to take a quick not so complete group photo in our V10 toga.

Rafal is one important person I am grateful for. He taught us the steps for the dance and the screaming around for us to get things right despite him not completely recovered from his sickness. Thanks to him, the show went through quite smoothly without major hiccups. World class!
This V neck, low back, front centre slit and mermaid halterneck gown was sponsored by J&C Bridal. I am glad I can fit into this gown after my success weight loss plan. 
Photo by Jessie from Mayer
Adelynn reminded me that today’s event with me and dardar walking on the red carpet was just like our 2nd wedding march. Time flies and being married for 8 years with 3 beautiful kids is wonderful thing indeed. For dardar to be going through this pageant with me and on the stage sharing my journey makes it all so meaningful. Can you spot us on the right? 
Photo by Adelynn

 Taking a rest after all the strutting in our supper high heels for the past few hours.

Audrey, me and Sumini (Classic Mrs Singapore Planet 2014). You would never have guess that she is from the Classic category right? She still looks so awfully stunning and an awesome belly dancer.

Grabbing the gorgeous queens for a photo when they came in for a toilet break. Don’t they look so gorgeous.

Talented Rose performed an graceful dance with her daughter who is a Miss Singapore herself too! Can see the beauty reign in the family.

One of my favourite queens! Kim Marie Martin, Mrs Singapore World 2012.

Cannot help but pose again with Audrey…

And Fion… Both in my favourite colour!

 Blurry shot by emcee Shannon but it beats not having any! Thanks dear!

Make a guess which 2 awards did I bag myself for the night? Read in my next Blog entry!

Fresver Beauty
J&C Bridal
Riccino Shoes
School of Makeup
Jeric Salon
The Makeover Inc


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