Meaningful Volunteer Sunday Spent with the Elderly/Needy together with my 3 angels!

Brought my 3 kids to participate in this meaningful volunteer project A Packet of Rice in their 35th distribution.

Source from their facebook:

“A mini project with a thought to distribute meal box to low income needy residents and senior citizens who residing in rented 1 or 2 rooms flats. Just a simple thought of giving a free meal to low income needy residents and senior citizens in rented flats. Something that we are starting small on our own and hope we can help these people a bit šŸ™‚ For any enquire, email to apacketofrice@gmail.com. We welcome sponsor in kind such as biscuits or bread which we can distribute to these residents.”

“One of the most important life lessons one can learn is the act of kindness. Lending a helping hand when someone is in need can bring joy and happiness into the lives of those that need it most. However, helping others can bring satisfaction and joy to the “giver,” as they learn life skills relating to compassion and generosity. “

Their first distribution started on 23 September 2012, Sunday. They have 2 distributions monthly. It is a private group who garner in their own donations and make a call for volunteers each time they need on facebook and each round takes less than an hour for the slot to be taken. I myself responded in less than 30mins when the post called for volunteers and so happy that I could join in to help! Its school holidays and its the kids first volunteer task. I am anticipating to see how they would react to the manual work and see the smaller living quarters from the elderly/needy in the 1/2 room flat.

Took a train to Tiong Bahru mrt and waited for a cab to Blk 105A Jalan Bukit Merah. Upon arriving, the rations and warm dinner had arrived. There were many families with young kids too, should be around 10 including us. We were divided into teams and sort out the various rations according to the blocks.

Jayden looking a little solemn here.

Jayden and Chloez posing while waiting for the briefing to start.

Selfie time since we are waiting. šŸ™‚

One of the leaders managing in the team giving briefing on Blk 104. He shared that its a walking distance away but lesser units for distribution and the environment more pleasant.

Full concentration listening to the leader of the kind hearted pack, Vincent giving some pointers while distributing. 

He mentioned the below tips:

  • knock the door and wait a few mins for the elderly to open the door as they might have difficulty walking. 
  • look out for the motion in the door viewer which shows signs of presence
  • if there are elderly asking for meals which are not in the listing, refer them to Sarah Senior Activity Centre to sign up 
  • for elderly that are not around, tie the rations to the gate and pass the dinner back to the in charge as food cannot keep for more than 4 hours
  • there will be ample time to talk to the elderly so its alright to enter their house to have a conversation with them
  • check from elderly if there is any need so that we could voice out and look for sponsor
  • one loaf of bread to be given to every household due to the short expiry date

We are allocated to Blk 105 ultimately and moved the rations to Level 11 when the in charge sorted as a set and gave instructions to the unit to be distributed. We move around with these cartons containing 7 items today namely dinner, packet drink, cream crackers, banana, bread, chicken luncheon and pastry.

Awaiting for the distribution to start.

Woo hoo! Go kids!

Another round of collection. 

Being first timers, we were allocated a buddy to be with us through the distribution. I am so proud of my kids that they were so hands on and enthusiastic in the whole distribution process. Well done!

We need to tie the rations to the gate if the resident is not around.

Look at my steady Jayden carrying the full carton of rations all by himself! Deep within me I am beaming with joy. Just couldn’t help it. šŸ™‚

The 3 of them getting warmed up after a few rounds of distributing. Started to strike a short conversation with the elderly.

Final stop:
Someone donated some pre-owned toys to a Malay family of young kids. The little volunteers all helped to bring these toys to them. Spreading the love indeed.

Rewarding the kids to the nostalgic ice cream for all their hard work!

I love you all so much my babies! You are my pride and joy and have done extraordinary well for your first volunteer feat!

The team of kind hearted warriors! You all rocks!

Finale shot before we set off for dinner. Foo kids Go Go Go!
Thank you A Packet of Rice for teaching many of us the importance of giving and appreciation in life.


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