Official Opening of Butter & Bake! Baker Pauline on the roll!

Thank you Pauline for the private invitation. After my prior event, I walked over to Butter & Bake for their official opening. Pauline is the resident instructor baker there. The place is easily accessible via Lavender mrt.
This is beautiful Pauline on the stand. Thank you for giving Faith Moments Photography the opportunity to help to shoot for you. It has been a wonderful experience.

The busy ladies at work preparing for the opening. They are all very experienced in dealing with the bakes. Best of all the kitchen look so clean and tidy despite preparing a wide array of bakes! Clap Clap!
My little contribution to help Pauline with placing the goodies nicely on the plate since I am early. Small effort but I am proud of it. šŸ™‚

The crowd started moving in and the first natural reaction is to start taking photo of the beautiful and yummy bakes.

Look at all these beautiful creations by Pauline! Simply irresistible and most of all it satisfy the cravings of many ladies who have sweet tooth. I cannot imagine the work and effort in preparing all these. A superlady indeed!
I for one gave up my slimming plan and indulge in these pretty sinful delights! Who could resist?
Me and talented Pauline!
Together with lady boss Felicia and baker Pauline! Wishing you ladies all the best! 
For those who like to learn baking and decorating you could contact 


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