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Being in woman in Singapore context is never an easy task, you need to be a super daughter, wife, mummy and daughter-in-law. As a mummy of 3 kids myself, I marvel at how Cheryl who’s a flight stewardess managed to do all these so well. She is a blessed mummy of 3 adorable kids aged 6, 3 and 1 plus a 100% supportive hubby Jay Lim who’s a well known local Producer.

Cheryl joined The Mother Pageant 2013 organised by the Jurong GRC and won the 1st place Mrs. Glamorous, which placed her in the finals of Mrs. Singapore 2014.

I was very fortunate to be in the Mrs Singapore 2014 pageant together with Cheryl. We had loads of fun attending sponsors events, practicing dance moves and preparing for the finals.

The climax of the finals were during the results announcement. I was really so excited and happy for Cheryl as she went on to win the Mrs Singapore Universe 2014 title on 10 May 2014, held at Orchid Country Club Grand Ballroom.
A photo of us together in the recent Miss Singapore fundraising Dine In the Dark event in Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped on 3 Aug 2014. Being a Community Service Queen 2014 myself, I enjoyed this event immensely with all the queens especially with Cheryl who’s here with Jay too. So fortunate to hear Jay singing ‘Live’ songs. Such a loving couple doing their best for a good cause.

Cheryl is now preparing for the global Mrs. Universe 2014 pageant, with the finals being hosted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 29th August at Sunway Resort and Spa Hotel. With Mrs. Malaysia being the the first Asian to win such an accolade in 2013, Cheryl hopes to continue the streak and bring the crown home to Singapore. 
Let’s support Singapore by voting for Cheryl in this competition! Get your friends and relatives to join in too!
The official website is www.mrsuniverse2014.com
Her direct voting page is http://www.mrsuniverse2014.com/delegates/mrs-universe-singapore/
There’s a fund raising site http://www.gofundme.com/c8d1uo

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