Mrs Singapore 2015 Moments (Part 1) – Visit to the Society for the Aged Sick

I was being invited to be hosting the youtube video for Mrs Singapore this year. Thus, I had utmost fun experience to be going to most of the related pageant events. I will be blogging on my hosting experience in a separate blog post.

Mrs Singapore pageant is a celebration for beauty and appreciation towards married in Singapore. It is through this pageant that brought awareness that women despite married and with kids are still a talented pool who could contribute much to the society. To me, it was an opportunity that I am glad I did not forgo last year in taking part. An opportunity that I move on to embark in more volunteer activities and and working with more kind sponsors. I discovered that as a woman its not just about being work and family but how discovering oneself and helping others can lead to greater purpose and satisfaction in life.

For a start the pageant opened doors to many as a first experience on spending time with old folks in various ways, from performing to feeding or just talking to them. Many needed our attention which we could have neglected in our daily work routine. The rush to and fro work, getting caught in our daily routine, planning for the next promotion, attending the next party or saving for a limited edition Berkin bag. We just need to slow down some moments and dedicated just part of our 365 days managing our own life.

This is not my first time in the Society for the Aged Home and thus the expectation of what needs to be done need not be briefed much.

Giving auntie a massage as she watched the performance.

Sharing a private joke with her. I love how she smiled!

Certainly engrossed staring at the nearby queens shaking their bodies away.

Feeding time!

Yummy food auntie. Let me feed you! 
Performance done, meals completed and here we go back to the room for the elderly to rest.
Helping to fold back her wheelchair while she prepare to wash her hands after her meal. Its her usual habit.
Washing hands time… I really enjoyed chatting with her each time I am here. She is very independent and cheerful.

Always glad to meet up with Queens from the same batch. Cheryl Ho, Mrs Universe 2014

Me and Evelyn Low who won:
Mrs Singapore First Runner 2015
Mrs Elegance 2015
Mrs Puvay 2015
Mrs Beautiful Hand 2015
Mrs Zell V 2015
Mrs Best Dress Award
Thank you Angela , GM of ERM for making all these volunteer efforts possible and since her birthday just passed not long ago. I gave her a huge birthday kiss!

The Gorgeous Queens from ERM: Kenny, Audrey, Poovani, Angeline, Myself, Melinda and Carol!

Kudos to all the Queens who had made a difference to the elderly in your own ways! I a looking forward to be back!

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