Special Thanks to White Link Gown Sponsorship for Msbabelovebebes Attendance in Mrs Singapore 2015 finals

White Link – Thanks a Million!

First of all I must really start this post by saying a huge thank you to the bosses of White Link Kelvin and Kerano for their kind and generous sponsorship. Their dedication, professional service and quality gowns differentiates them from the many bridal boutiques out there. 
The gown was meant for my attendance in the finals of Mrs Singapore 2015 and being the Youtube host for Mrs Singapore TV and also the Official Commercial Outdoor Photographer makes this evening a greater significance.

Tough Decision… Which Gown Shall I Choose?

Its never an easy choice for any woman to step into White Link trying to decide the perfect gown for herself. I myself experienced this tough decision and managed to made up mind with the help of Jimmy who was the one who selected the gowns for me. Make a guess which gown did I choose ultimately? 

Here we Go! The Gown Selection Process Began!

I asked for bright coloured gowns like pink and red… So… Love this piece  but it was not suitable due to the length of the gown. It would make it tough for me to move around.

Look at the exotic details at the back… It would have looked stunning in a photoshoot with it blown up.

Jimmy patiently helping me tie the back of the gown.
You could tell by the thoughts placed into this gown. The laces on the gown was extended to act as the decorated piece on the neck too. The blue brilliantly contrast nicely against the pink. This tube dress with gathers create the dimension for a pear shape figure.
The neck lace piece draped nicely towards the back. The tie back design acts as a further corset for a shapelier fit. There was also excess back drapes for an elegant feel as it rest well from my bum towards the floor. There was a Moulin Rouge feel on this piece.
After trying a few piece on what I thought was the safe colour, I was recommended this piece by Jimmy. Another tough choice and I see it to be pretty refreshing on me.

I felt so pampered with Jimmy being so thoughtful and gentle in helping with the fitting. You would not have imagine a guy doing a job as well as a lady right?

Cheongsum inspired lime green gown next! I was drooling over the details as it comprise of the lace and mesh design and my all time favourite cheongsum style.

Surely any woman would love the low back with the lace beautifully sewed on it. I myself could not resist staring at my own back! Notice the lace design at the ends of the gown too.

The Finals for Mrs Singapore 2015! The Gown Revealed!

Finally made my choice to choose this gown over the several that I tried. Its really out of my expectation. I walked into White Link decided that I would be taking either bright pink or red gown for the evening. Eventually I chose this lime green tulle boat neck mermaid dress with laces and full embellishment. It is a gown breaking my many firsts considerations.

Firstly, lime green colour that I would never have attempted to try in my life. You must be thinking what made me choose this. Well… the colour amazingly brought out the fairness and youth to my skin. 
Next first, the boat neck low plunging mesh was a daring feat since I was not well endowed after breastfeeding my 3 kids plus not fortunate enough to be going for a Korean boob job like many thus in my mind the priority was always to cover but I am glad that I still look right afterall. 

If you take a closer look, I love the lace and giving the sweet but elegant touch to the piece and the many Swarovski crystals that shone under the dim light in the ballroom making me feel like a star.

The intriguing low back design was filled with more lace and the mesh gave a sexy see through effect accentuating a small defined waist. The twirl at the end of the gown soften the gown to give it a princessy feel. Seriously, this was another first for me as I felt like a princess with a crown and received many positive reviews from the other queens about the gown.

Couldn’t help but went over to the pool area for more shots. Attracted some attention from the passerbys trying to take photos of me as well.

Below were some glitz shots from the night wearing this beautiful piece of White Link gown:

Ms Joanna Portilla, Chairman of the People’s Association (PA) Women’s Integration Network (WIN) Council
Ms Joanna Portilla together with AMK WEC members

The Queens with Jeffrey Chung from Jeffrey Chung Models and Actress Abigail Chay

From Left: Song Writer Jay Lim, Mrs Singapore Universe Cheryl Ho, Makeover Inc Ms Brenda Goh, Last from Right: Actor Jerry Yeo

Guest of Honor, Er Dr Lee Bee Wah – Grassroots Adviser & Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC
Mrs Singapore Universe 2015 – #9 Anne Goswami
Mrs Singapore Globe 2015 – #8 Sheetal Kaur
Classic Mrs Singapore Planet 2015 – #19 Lisa Ng
If you have been amazed like me with gowns by White Link, you can contact them below:

( Head Office )
60 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark
#01-02 Singapore (415979)
TEL 6841 3886 FAX 6841 6723
MRT Eunos Station
Bus Nos 15, 87, 58

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
#03-312 Singapore (039594)
TEL 6338 3865 FAX 6338 0928

( New Outlet )
1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel,
Tanjong Pagar
#01-04 Singapore (078867)
TEL 6636 0728/29 FAX 6636 0735

60 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark
#01-03 Singapore (415979)
TEL 6841 3886

60 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark
#02-08 Singapore (415979)


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