Bird Nest Party! My Very First! Thank you King of Nests!

Bird Nest, “the caviar of the east” and perhaps the strangest delicacies of the east..is supposedly praised for its rich nutrient and medicinal properties to keep hold of your youth & beauty. As a woman, I have been consistently having my fair share of collagen recharge since young and apparently my second daughter had caught a bit of my genes. She would remind me each time if I forgot to prepare her favourite birdnest due to my busy schedule. Beauty starts from young I guess. But this little lady is sure a smart one!

I was amazed and excited when I received an official invitation by Ying Yih from King of Nests. I have never attended a birdnest party before and I am looking forward to one definitely. Who wouldn’t want to look better walking out of a party. Ok I am just joking. I don’t think birdnest have that instantaneous effect but I sure enjoyed eating it for a long term beauty sustenance. Look at Ying Yih and it says it all. She is still looking so radiant being a mummy.

We started with some Italian food choices from Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore. Yes, I mean Italian. I have always loved Italian food. The cheeses, pizza, pasta and washing it down with the wines is just too heavenly to resist. Ok I admit I am a foodie. Good food gets me all perked up. What’s life without yummy food right?

Here’s the menu and the pairing we had for the event. Cheers!
Baked tiers of eggplant in mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

2. CALAMARI FRITTI (Appetizer)
Deep fried squid rings served with spicy Italian tomato sauce

Slices of toasted bread topped with fresh tomato cubes seasoned with olive oil, garlic and oregano

A variety of cheese platter

Pizza with 4 cheese: Emmenthal, Danish blue, Parmesan and Mozzarella

A Mediterranean mixed seafood pizza

Red Wines
1. Barbera D’Asti Red Wine
2. Chianti Classico Red Wine
The red wines will pair well with pizza, melanzane, bruschetta and the strong cheeses

White and Sparkling Wine
1. Pinot Grigio White Wine
2. Prosecco Spago Sparkling Wine
The white wine and sparkling wines will pair well with the seafood and light cheeses.

These food photos were enough to make me hungry anytime! 

Luigi being very professional, printed out the Europe map and did a simple explanation of where the wines came about.

You could see the smitten look on our faces! We were all bought over by you Luigi!

The main cast: King of Nests! We were served Fresh Sweet Corn Porridge, Chawanmushi Birdnest, Pandan Birdnest, and Birdnest Pumpkin Porridge. You would be astonished as to how you could actually consumed birdnest especially in such ways suitable for both young to old and ranging from dessert to main course. Ying Yih had spent much thoughts in coming out with these yummy and yet healthy food. Feel like giving an applause as we tasted each one.
The unsuspecting baby/kid would not have known that the birdnest is in the Birdnest Pumpkin Porridge with dried scallops and mushrooms. This is a good idea to feed birdnest to children if they do not enjoy taking it on its own and its packed with nutrients too. 
We were pairing this with white wine of course! (With Victoria, Founder of Singapore Foodie Blog)

Chawanmushi Birdnest would be one of my favourite. Its smooth and light texture compliments the birdnest perfectly like taking tofu. With the collagen boost of course!

We were given a detailed explanation by the Creative Chef and Managing Director of King of Nest, George Low as to how we could prepare birdnest effortlessly just by soaking in advance and double boil for 20mins!

We all listened attentively especially when a Chef was talking! Its important to know how to best prepare this delicacy for beauty reasons. Lol…

 And here we go… The Pandan Birdnest was all ready for us to devour! Yum yum!

Before we start, let’s cheers to beauty and health! Together with George Low (Creative Chef and Managing Director) and Ying Yih (Brand Founder and Business Development). And yes you are right, we are pairing birdnest with white wine! That’s a whole new different experience!

Trying to catch the pandan aroma before I start to taste the birdnest. Smelling good!

Happy woman with birdnest! How not to!

Even cute guy like Luigi (Business Development Manager, Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore) needed birdnest! Cheers everyone!

Doing a short interview to share about this birdnest experience.

We all had a fantastic time! Thank you King of Nests for your kind hospitality!

Please have fun viewing the below video!


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