Sponsored: Private Charity Wine Pairing Birthday Party! Beneficiary: Children Cancer Foundation

This is a month of life, hope, faith and joy for me. Being a Gemini, I always enjoyed the warmth from the company of family and friends. Its is of utmost blessing that my mom gave me this gift of life to have the opportunity to take a breath of health to enjoy each passing moment of joy and happiness.

This is specially so with the company of my three beautiful angels. My purpose in living. Kids are wonderful teachers showing you who you really are and how much limits you could ever go or even sacrifice your life even if its need to be. I have grown stronger and wiser from the time the miracle started to form from my tummy, the excruciating moments of childbirth, painful encounter of discovering Jayden’s TGA condition, praying hard and spending my confinement worrying sick of Jayden double major heart surgery, nearly losing my life when giving birth to Clovelle and many life challenges along the way. It is thus I felt strongly on giving is more than receiving. When young I was with Salvation Army and indeed nothing beats the little thought and efforts. Thus this year, my birthday I wanted an event of giving.

I am awfully blessed to find a generous sponsor Pasta Fresca who agreed to sponsor the location, food and wine tasting with a professional Sommelier Nicola from Italy right in their newly renovated 30 Boat Quay Level 2. Before heading towards Pasta Fresca, I went to pick up my cake first from Drips Baker’s Playground.

No birthday would have been complete without a cake! Credits to Drips Baker’s Playground who sponsored a Avocado Gula Melaka White Chocolate cake! I was so excited picking up the 2kg cake which retails at $54/kg. I am a huge fan of the infamous Avocado milkshake which usually contains
gula melaka. Plus the fact that I love white chocolates even more. I spoke to Mr. Alfred Chan who’s the heart and hands behind Drips bakery café.

Together with Alfred at the Sunset way branch (109 Clementi Street 11, #01-05 (S)120109) during the cake collection.

Being gourmet pastry chef of the Heartlands, Alfred opened his charming little shop in Sunset way in 2012, selling scrumptious tarts and cakes of unique flavours. Although he spent his professional years behind baking counters at the Shangri-la Hotel and other famous academies, he liked the laid back charm of a heartlands neighbourhood and particularly its friendly patrons who visit him at his shop.

He shared that he uses a seasonally avocado from Australia unlike those sold in the supermarkets all year round. The texture of this avocado are creamier and much more suitable to give a smoother texture to the cake. These avocados are only available in April and Alfred makes sure he kept stock and freeze a portion after the avocados are ripe for use. The top layer of the cake was gula melaka jelly complementing the avocado and breaking the traditional cream or chocolate ganache topping for cakes. White chocolates was cleverly used to sweeten the cake for a richer taste.

These berries tarts just looked too pretty to be taken doesn’t it!

Ta! Da! Love the berries nicely decorated on the cake. No age specified and I am not telling! Lol…

Next stop to Pasta Fresca!

Pasta Fresca was born of romance, a former diving specialist, Salvatore settled in Singapore after meeting his Singaporean wife. To explore his other love, that is cooking for others, he started his business in 1988 with a simple Italian restaurant of only three tables. Pasta Fresca offers delicious and wholesome South Italian Cuisine complete with Italian hospitality and care.

Pasta Fresca as its name, using the best fresh produce at the lowest prices has guaranteed low direct and variable costs for the business. Everything is made fresh daily. Preservatives or colouring are not
used. Today, Pasta Fresca is in a leading and strong position in all its markets, and in good shape to support franchises.

Photo (from left): Mr. Nicola (Sommelier of Pasta Fresca), Mr. Carecci Salvatore (Founder of Pasta Fresca), Mr. Carecci Luigi Xiang Long (Cute son of Mr. Carecci Salvatore), Ms. Celestia Faith Chong (Me! Blessed Birthday Gal of the night)

It just completed its renovation and we were the first guests ever to bask in the beautiful decor. The cozy dark wood settings makes me feel like I am in a winery restaurant in Europe. You could booked the place for an intimate dinner with your friends/families/business associates.

Let the party began! The guests were all told not to bring me any presents of any sorts. All I ask was to give a token of love to the Children Cancer Foundation.

Briefing the volunteer emcee for the night, Mr. Herbert Liu! A friend indeed who volunteered his macho sexy voice once he heard in the name of a good cause. You can never go wrong with him as he is set to charm you and your guests with his antics and personality. Charming, Versatile and Energetic are just 3 of the positive words that can be used to describe him as a bilingual emcee. Credits goes to him for making my birthday a memorable and successful one. A big man with a big heart. Thanks bro!

Before I continue further, I would like to thank the below guests and sponsors for your precious time and big heart. Without you, my birthday would have not have filled with so much love. Thank you so much on behalf of the Children Cancer Foundation!

– Guest Emcee: Mr. Herbert Liu
– Miss United Nation: Miss Vale Valentine and Eugene Ng
– Mrs Singapore Globe 2015: Mrs Sheetal Kaur
– Classic Mrs Singapore Universe 2015: Mrs Stella Teo
– Classic Mrs Singapore Planet 2015: Mrs Lisa Ng
– Ms Singapore International World 2008: Mrs Elaine Heng
– Directors of V10Plus: Mr. Tony Tjong, Mr.Eddy Syah and Ms Akiko
– Director of King of Nests: Ms Ying Yih Low
– Ambassador Justice(Ret) MPH Rubin

– Director of Globotop Pte Ltd: Ms Quynh Tan
– Director of Nucleo Solutions Pte Ltd: Ms Sandra Yeow
– General Manager of Artemis Communications : Ms Cheryl Shen 
– Manager of Mediacorp: Mr. Glendon Ho
– Managing Director of Rasel Catering Singapore: Mr. Alan Tan
– Director JWalking Studio: Mr. Herbert Julian

Huge Credits to all the Generous Sponsors:
Pasta Fresca: Location, Food and Wine (Not forgetting Sommelier Nicola!)
King of Nests: Sweet Corn BirdNest
Drips Baker’s Playground: Avocado White Chocolate Cake
Emcee: Herbert Liu
JWalking Studio: Photography/Videography

Introducing our professional Sommelier of the day: Mr. Nicola who will be sharing his expertise with us in pairing the wine with the Italian food served.
This was the customised menu specially prepared by Pasta Fresca for this event consisting of the cheeses, pizza, pasta and desserts. Notice the varying wines used for the various food ending with ladies all time favorite Moscato.

Thanks Luigi for making this tiny birthday wish of mine came true. Not only did he helped to put this idea through. He also helped to coordinate the menu and all the party related matters. Who says about being young and inexperience. I saw a responsible and committed spirit in this young lad here!
Let’s dig in! Notice my dearest Clovelle grabbing and savouring the cheeses on her plate! The first dish was Tagliere Misto: A platter of cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. It is one of the food treats not to be miss in Italy. 
The second dish was followed on by Penne Amatriciana. You might think this looks like just another pasta that you find or maybe cooked at home, I thought too initially totally deceived by its appearance. It silently stole my heart away. The kids were happily wolfing it down too. I would say an easy dish to satisfy the kids.
Pasta Photo Credit: Ms Elaine Heng

There were different pizzas served. My favourite out of the 3 was Rucola, Mozzarella Fresca E Pomodorini Pizza. It is Pasta Fresca‘s signature pizza with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh rucola.

Let me share with you why this pizza is POWER! As ladies we are always happy to know that cherry tomatoes contains antioxidant. It also offer protection against osteoporosis, skin damage caused by ultraviolet light and brain disorders, according to a 2010 article published in the “American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Next, Rucola though it is a less recognized cruciferous vegetable that provides many of the same benefits as the notoriously nutritious such as broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts.

“One ounce of mozzarella contains niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, biotin and vitamin B6. Because these are water-soluble vitamins, the body does not store them, so eating mozzarella cheese satisfies an immediate nutritional need. They are important to maintain healthy skin and vision and the formation of red blood cells. Mozzarella also contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and E, which are important for bone growth, absorption of calcium and protection of cell membranes. ” Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/268074-nutrition-facts-on-mozzarella-cheese/

Last but not least, the chef from Pasta Fresca brought out the best of this pizza by using the freshest ingredients and coupled with his amazing skills, makes me drool just thinking about it again!

Photo credit: Pasta Fresca

Desserts were tiramisu and chocolate mousse. The guests were all smiling ear to ear by the time they reached desserts. After enjoying the mouth watering starter, pasta and pizza, this dessert were just too good to be missed. Especially washing it down with Moscato! I call this a sweet ending. And we live happily ever after. Just joking…

Happily after only after our collagen recharge! Sweet corn bird nest! Needless to say, the ladies were looking forward to have these shots of bird nest kindly sponsored by King of Nests.

Photo taken with Ms. Ying Yih (Brand Founder and Business Development of King of Nests). She is one talented lady who is even writing a book now. She never fail to surprise me each time she revealed her talents tucked nicely within her petite frame and cheerful disposition. 

There you go… Our indulgence for the night!
Credits of Collage: Ms. Cheryl Shen

Enough of food for now…  Let’s feel some hugs and love as well see some happy faces from the guests.

Like what I mentioned earlier. Hugs, hugs and more hugs! With love of course. Lol…

Bon Appetit! Spending special moments with kids and dearest mummy and looking at them eating happily couldn’t be more rewarding. I love you loads, Jayden/Chloez/Clovelle!

My dearest darling mummy! Always there for me in her own simple ways. I love you mummy! Muacks!

Look at the happiness overload with all the selfies and mingling!

Photo from left: Mr. Glendon Ho (Manager of Mediacorp), Ms Cheryl Shen (General Manager of Artemis Communications)

Photo from left: Miss United Nation-Miss Vale Valentine and partner Mr. Eugene Ng

From right: Ms Singapore International World 2008-Mrs Elaine Heng, Director of Globotop Pte Ltd- Ms Quynh Tan, Director of Nucleo Solutions Pte Ltd-Ms Sandra Yeow

Photo from left: Classic Mrs Singapore Planet 2015-Mrs Lisa Ng, Classic Mrs Singapore Universe 2015-Mrs Stella Teo, Mrs Singapore Globe 2015-Mrs Sheetal Kaur, Myself, Mr. Carecci Luigi Xiang Long (Pasta Fresca), Managing Director of Rasel Catering Singapore-Mr. Alan Tan, Ms Singapore International World 2008-Mrs Elaine Heng

From right: Directors of V10Plus-Mr. Tony Tjong, Mr.Eddy Syah and Ms Akiko

Special Preview of Level 3 still undergoing renovation. Looking forward to dine here when its ready! Thank you Mr Salvatore for personally bringing us around. He’s still such a charming gentleman despite his age. Wonder if its applicable for all Italian guys. Now I know where Luigi got his charms and looks from. 🙂

Love the view overseeing the beautiful river scenery! As usual our dear Stella couldn’t help but took out her magic selfie stick. Cheers!

Cake Cutting Time! I wore the right colour today. Seemed to match pretty well with the cake. Lol…

Jayden looking still sleepy from his nap, Chloez posing nicely for the camera, Clovelle eagerly trying to cut the cake for me, Plus I am trying to pose nicely for the camera… What a scene…

Huge thank you to everyone who came and made this event possible! Not in the photo: Ambassador Justice(Ret) MPH Rubin

Once the cake cutting session ended, I started counting the red packets from the donation box with everyone witnessing the counting. Feel like Chinese New Year. Special thanks to Alan from Rasel Catering for having the largest contribution! Not forgetting the rest of the guests sending your love in this donation box! Thank you everyone! We gathered a total sum of $1470! Humble sum but thank you loads everyone! Its the best pressie ever!

 Photo credits: Quyhn Le-Tan

Once again Huge Credits to all the Generous Sponsors:
Pasta Fresca: Location, Food and Wine
King of Nests: Sweet Corn BirdNest
Drips Baker’s Playground: Avocado White Chocolate Cake
Emcee: Herbert Liu
JWalking Studio: Photography/Videography


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