Rocking 2015 with SG50 Fashion Runway with 3 Angels!

SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway yesterday at klapsons hotel saw a record 1,500 people attending and another 2,500 people watching live through the LiveyTV from LeWu Entertainment. Star studded event with Mediacorp Artiste Belinda Lee decked in local label FormAsian Label and Silver Ang decked in Batua by Barsha. There’s local singer Druv Kent who launched his Glitter and Dynamite music video too at the event.

Special Thanks to my sponsors:
Photography/Videography- Jwalking Studio
Hair Colour- Hair510
Makeup/Hair- Beauty Buzz
Skincare- V10plus
From Left: Yvonne, Singer Druv Kent, myself, Eileen(Noel Caleb), Gilbert(Manhunt 2013), Model Faryz Rahmad.

Model casting and fitting way back in Mid August in Stadium Library.

I am wearing the 60s look once again. Guess I have the oldies look? Lol…

Seen here with sexy babe Miss Scuba Shixin.

Wefies while waiting for our next fitting.

So happy to see pageant queen Melinda Chong who was going to be in a runway with me.

Rehearsal one day before the show! My first time doing a runway on a hotel rooftop. Thanks to Akash for the candid photos.

Practising how to “strip” gracefully… Its to gracefully unzip the bottom skirt attachment during the fashion show. I had been practising hard with Mag who is from Poland on how we could pull this through nicely. She’s such a lovely lady to be with as we had so much laughter together.

I was tasked to open the fashion show with a retro number. Trying my best to do the best I could.


To beautify myself part one was to get my nails fixed! Imagine walking the runway with chipped nails and all. I know I could count on Beautify Nails. I am someone who loves elegant dramatic designs and to date, Beautify Nails is one of the few who could meet what I want in terms of designs as well as the durability of the work done. My previous acrylic nails with them lasted 2 months! Though I am one of the rare cases as it would usually last at least a month. It is a home business located in the neighbourhood of Bukit Panjang. Venessa is the attentive and sweet business owner behind the beautiful nails of art.

Here’s how the acrylic nails look before all the bling bling!

And the bling journey begins!

Wala! I select red and gold as its one of my favourite colours. I was so happy at how well the combination turned out with the crystals.

You got to forgive me doing camwhore with the nails as I simply love it!

Quote msbabelovebebes to enjoy 15% off the usual rates!

This is THE DAY!

Due to some issues, I was unable to go to the appointed makeup artist for the official fashion show in time. Carina from Beauty Buzz was ever so kind to accommodate my timing and get the makeup done in time!

I had my brows, double eyelid sticker and lashes done before I arrived to hasten the process.

Carina is known for her natural Korean makeup but this time to go in accordance to the fashion show requirement, she did a Glam & Semi Smoky Eye makeup for me, and finish off by the pull back sleek hairstyle.

Thanks Carina for your makeover transformation once again! And off I go to the fashion show to get the show started now!


Backstage photo with this group of incredible male models. Let’s have a few model-fie shots together!

As you could see, we strike off pretty well together with loads of our photos together. He is none other then Gilbert from Manhunt 2013!

HUGE HUGE HUGE credits to dearest mummy who helped me with the kids while I rushed to change into different sets of clothes and making sure they are hydrated and not lost due to the overwhelming crowd. I love you mummy!

There’s two round of show and here’s the first round while the daylight was still basking the rooftop area. I still cannot believe that I am twisting towards the music with so much fun despite so many pairs of eyes watching!


So proud of my 3 angels going down the runway alone without me! Well done babies!

Simply love this shot of Clovelle smiling ever so sweetly!


My private invite guests are all coming in this round. Just a few here, Luigi (Pasta Fresca)/ Glendon (Mediacorp) & Wayne (Emcee). Thanks for your support guys!

Not forgetting Tony and his wife from V10plus!

Twisting my way through… That’s my 1st highlight of the night!

Next surprise coming up next wearing the clothes from Formasian Label! The interesting thing about the clothes is where the collar, sleeve cuffs and even skirt attachments are all detachable!

Here comes the highlight where we drop the skirt in front of everyone! Woo hoo!

Walking back in our new look! Hotter skirts!
Looking good my darlings!
Clovelle megawatt sweet smile!
Finale down the aisle with Gilbert (Manhunt Singapore 2013)
Thanks Carina from Beauty Buzz to come by to support me!
Together with Belinda Lee(Mediacorp), Debra Chong(Founder of Formasian Label) and Gilbert (Manhunt Singapore 2013).

Look who’s the gorgeous lady beside me! Indeed my pleasure to see you in person Silver Ang.

Another photo with Silver Ang together with my 3 angels.

Another group photo with Faryz Rahmad (model), Hayden Ng, YY Low (Founder of Hadara Aesthetics) , Gilbert Tang (Manhunt Singapore 2013)

Its been a wonderful evening meeting having fun with all the models participating, the volunteers helping without any complains, the designers seen everywhere making sure the models are looking great and huge thanks to every single soul who had made this event such a success.

Thank you Eileen Yap from Noel Caleb who had made this possible, YY Low from Hadara Aesthetics and Pippin Emerald training everyone to be the next supermodel and Klapsons for the beautiful location.
Looking forward to the next blast!


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