Dr. Benjamin Yim 15th Anniversary! #ShapeuptoaBeautifulYou !

The morning started bright and early with sweet treats to start the day. All thanks to Dr. Benjamin Yim for inviting me to this event where I met many other talented beauty bloggers. I was supposed to be the model for local label #formasianlabel , co-founder Debra Chong who would be talking about body shapes.
Decked in #formasianlabel with Dr. Benjamin Yim. We were on all smiles and looking fresh before the event starts.

Recognized among Asian women to be one of the benchmarks for youthful beauty, it is no wonder why many desire to have the V-shaped face – a slim and oval facial shape that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin.

“The V-shape face has always represented youth and beauty in facial aesthetics”, said Dr. Benjamin Yim, Founder and Aesthetics Director of Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre. 
Today, this is made possible with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures that reduce the risk and the downtime compared to invasive surgery. “Highly popularized in Korea, these treatments are being pursued by a younger group of patients because of their reduced risks and downtime.” – Dr. Benjamin Yim

See the pretty lady decked in white on the left? She is no other than Joselyn Tan, the PR professional of Gotideas who is an amazing mummy of 3 kids too! Such an inspiring woman.  The other 2 are beauty bloggers, Jiahui and Tracy Wong whom I worked with for my latest Mediacorp event too. Pleasant surprise as I did not expect to see her.

With such interesting props and I cannot help but take photos with it!

Dr. Benjamin Yim was gamed for photos too!

This was one memorable photos to the VIP of the event. From left is Joselyn Tan, PR Director of Gotideas, myself, Co-Founder of #formasianlabel Debra Chong, Dr. Benjamin Yim and Derris Loy who is the Associate Marketing Manager of Thermage.

I was the model as Debra was explaining on body shapes. Guess what shape am I?

Bloggers group photo!

A finale group photos which I liked very much!

Its an insightful event where I was more informed in regards to the various injectables with Dr. Benjamin Yim, understanding the art of dressing with Debra Chong, makeup tips from Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup Educator Toh Shin Pei and Marketing Executive Priscilla Goh plus seeing the difference of before and after fillers and most of all the generous prizes given out during the lucky draw and door gifts. Everyone left with a happy smile at the end of the event.

Exciting content of the goody bag!
Photo credits: tebisha

Our skin goes through the aging process with time and through cumulated sun-damage and stresses in life. It is therefore essential for us to have a basic daily skincare routine to keep our skin looking the best it can. Skincare today is ‘fortified’ with therapeutic ingredients like: anti-oxidants, growth factor proteins, vitamin A, UV blockers and skin lighteners. The approach is scientific and evidenced-based. – Dr. Ben Yim

1. A luxurious peptide moisturizer designed to improve firmness while protects the skin from free radical damage.
2. Squalane restore skin’s moisture balance and keep the skin supple.
3. Light-textured moisturiser for all skin types.

Pure botanic extracts of placenta and collagen can immediately lock the moisture in between the cuticle cells and regenerate the cells. Therefore your skin will look shining and brighter than ever.

Contact Info:
Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre
583 Orchard Road
Forum #06-04
Singapore 238884
Tel: 6737 9181


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