Manhunt 2015: Search for the next X-Factor Celebrity! Ranking of Cutest & Most Approachable Man Within!

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Grand Finals of Manhunt Singapore 2015  
Date: 5 December 2015, 7pm 
Venue: Hotel Jen Orchardgateway. 

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This must be one of my most coolest blog ever… Gonna share with you the happenings of the press conference following on reviews of some of the contestants and the most exciting part was to rate the cutest and most approachable hunks in this Manhunt 2015!

Press Conference

Organiser Beam Artistes and Presenting Sponsor Phyto Singapore are pleased to unveil the 30 finalists for Manhunt Singapore 2015 and Senior Manhunt Singapore 2015 at the high-tea press event on 23 September 2015 at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante.

28 years after it first started as a male model contest, Manhunt has come a long way and is moving beyond mere aesthetics to the search for a man who embodies positive male attributes which would make him stand out in a crowd.

In searching for Singapore’s “ideal man”, the competition is elevated to a new level as we look for Beam’s and hopefully Singapore’s next star – a man who not only embodies looks and strength, but possesses the charisma, talent and passion to achieve his ambitions, like the following leading men now managed by Beam Artistes like Russell Ong, Shane Pow, Richard Herrera and Paul Foster.

Honoured to be part of the media covering the event!

Came early and decided to start with some finger food to charge up before the event starts. I did my own hair and makeup today, don in #formasianlabel attire and themed with a Ferragamo belt.

Photos from left with the sponsors: Jilly Wang, Jeanette Toh, Samuel Seow and Lynn Tan

Photos from left with the ERM family: Sumini Sakri, Carol Neo, Audrey Lim, Angela Tay, Alex Liu and Anne Goswani

Hosts for the afternoon Richard Herrera and hot Caryn Cheng who kept the sizzling afternoon full of life with their charm and humour!

Presenting the finalists of Manhunt 2015!

Talent Round:
Contestant No 11 – Pretty faced Dennis Aw showing his breakdance moves!

Senior Contestant no 2: Crooning away in a Chinese love number. Not surprise for someone who had further his music education with NTU-NIE.

Senior Contestant No 5: Sammy Phua captivated the crowd with his powerful Muay Thai moves!

The peak of the event with the finalists flashing their abs in the sponsored Waveline trunks!

Snap snap snap away!

 Now I experienced what it felt to be squeezed… Sandwiched by the guys… LOL…

Another shot with the guys together with the Queens!

Not forgetting more ladies with Samuel Seow of course!  We were all pretty coordinated with bright colours for the event.

Profiles of Selected Contestants/ Personal Review/Short Interview

I am sure you must have some personal favourites by now. Well, I am gonna cast my thoughts/interview (in blue) on 12 of the contestants not in order and with my personal view based on my brief encounter at this point.
Junior Contestant No. 7 – Terence Tan
Age: 22 years old
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg
Terence is a 22 year-old undergraduate taking on a double Degree of Accountancy and Economics at the National University of Singapore. Recognized for his academic excellence, Terence is honoured to be one of the recipients of the NUS Business Dean’s Scholarship award. Terence also recognizes the importance of physical fitness. In both years 2014 and 2015, Terence participated in the Singapore Fitness Model Search and achieved the 3rd runner-up placing for Singapore Sports Model in 2015.
Terence is also regularly involved in volunteerism and community service, especially with less-privileged children. Recently, he had embarked on a 2-week long overseas community service project in Chiang Mai to assist with education and infrastructural development for the less fortunate communities. Through his journey in Manhunt Singapore, Terence hopes to receive some valuable experiences and lessons to further enrich, develop and improve himself as a person, and thereafter, to become an agent of positive influence for his family, his friends, and the community.
I found Terence to be a shy but talented guy with the clean charismatic look. Besides being the recipient of NUS Business Dean’s Scholarship award, he is no bookworm and participated in the Singapore Fitness Model Search and Singapore Sports Model. I am impressed that he is actively involved with the less fortunate at such a young age. Singapore certainly does need more youth like him having both brains and heart to create a difference to the society.

Who inspired and lead you to do volunteer work with such passion?

“It’s mainly my family in particular my younger brother. I can see his potential to grow and develop, very similar to a lot of youths in Singapore. I think all the youths deserve a chance to learn and grow but not all of them are in a good environment to do so. That’s why I feel the need to help them.”

Junior Contestant No. 10 – Muhammad Imran
Age: 26 years old
Height: 185cm
Weight: 88kg
Muhammad Imran Nedunchelian is a full time Culinary Arts Student from At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy. He also does Freelance Personal Trainings in the evenings and works as a Part Time Lifeguard on weekends. After completing National Service with the Singapore Civil Defence Force as a Physical Training Instructor, Imran joined Gymmboxx as a Gym Supervisor/Personal trainer for 2 years. He always had big dreams and wanted to stand out from the crowd. One of his dreams is to not only train his clients with knowledge of training and dieting but also to prepare healthy meals for them daily. This idea of marrying both his passion came naturally to him. Due to his passion in cooking, he left the fitness industry to become a Chef. He is currently pursuing his last semester in the Global Chef Academy. Imran is very driven in achieving his goals; he not only pushes himself academically but also physically.
He weighed 108kg at the start of 2015 and has been focused on training ever since. Now weighing 86kg, he has already inspired a lot of people on Instagram and Facebook and gained a lot of friends and fans. His ultimate goal is to set up his own gym with a healthy cafe. He wishes to spread health awareness to Singaporeans and in the near future. Imran hopes to inspire people to work hard, train right and eat smart.

I raised my eyebrow when Imran mentioned he was 108kg before and now only 85kg in matter of months. Its not easy for someone who enjoys food and in fact a chef to be disciplined enough to control the food intake and spend time training his body. 

When asked about his favourite food he immediately replied, “Teh tarik, ayam panyet from bedok interchange. Haha.. and MacDonalds!” We all have our sinful cravings doesn’t it? 

He followed on to say “Before I had more favorite food. Like the murtabak from Zam Sam restaurant which I go weekly sometimes even twice a week. I will buy the $16 murtabak and eat alone. The ayam penyat from bedok inter is spicy. I love spicy food. I will eat that once a week and I like Mac and other fast food. Now I still eat them. But in moderation, like after a good 2weeks of clean healthy diet, I will have one cheat day which has all this delicious foods inside. Food is not say unhealthy but its rather because we over eat the calories and burn less which makes us fat. On my dieting days I still buy chocolates that’s cause i save my calories from the entire days intake to fill this sugar craving in”

“Actually I’m a foodie, I can’t lie. Workout is my medicine. Haha”

There you go a big man towering at 185cm with big dreams!

Junior Contestant No. 11 – Dennis Aw
Age: 22 years old
Height: 186cm
Weight: 81kg
Dennis is a university student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance. Prior to this, he was employed with Fitness First as a Membership Consultant, working together with his team to encourage and motivate new members to achieve their fitness goals.
During his schooling days, he was a tyrant and a terror to many of his peers and teachers. However, as he came from a lower-middle income family, he had to learn to be financially independent the hard way. During his time in Fitness First, he was the youngest employee ever to achieve a Top Membership Consultant Award. Through that, he discovered his passion for the sales and finance industry. With his new found interest, his ambition is to be able to retire by age 40.

Dennis striked me as the next Korean idol with his baby faced smile easily melting his female peers. Being a go getter from a lower-middle income family,  he would make a humble individual helping his clients. These 2 months would be a period for him to train his body to be tougher and firmer as there is much to be worked on. 

He is definitely one contestant that I would look out for especially when he ever jumped into the river near Zouk randomly which was a surprise even to his primary school classmate Contestant No. 18 – Shaun Toh. Give us more surprise Dennis!

Junior Contestant No. 14 – Ngen Ge Liang
Age: 20 years old
Height: 179cm
Weight: 78kg
Ngen Ge Liang is currently a NSF personnel. Geliang was enlisted into the 42nd
Armour Regiment where he achieved the Battalion’s Best Recruit award, giving him the opportunity to cross over to specialist cadet school, during which he was awarded Company Best Cadet during his foundation term. Ge Liang continues to strive for excellence and works hard for the future in the hope of turning around his financial situation as well as taking care of his father.
In his youth, Ge Liang was a sports enthusiast and played rugby through primary and secondary school and combined schools. However, his undying passion for soccer made him pursue his dreams of competing as well as entry into junior college through soccer.
Geliang is currently studying for his A-levels while juggling with army commitments. Despite the vigorous requirements from the army, he spends most of his time in the library ensuring that he puts in enough time for his education. He also aspires to be a lawyer in the future and is working hard to achieving his dreams.
Geliang also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and running.

At 20, he gained quite a feat by achieving Battalion’s Best Recruit award and Company Best Cadet showing him to be a man of discipline and determination. Not forgetting him getting into junior college through his passion for soccer. A personality for greater achievement in time to come. Ngen Ge Liang, the youngest contestant, who comes from a humble background, and whose primary motivation for competing is to put himself through law school, inspired by the story of last year’s winner, Nicholas Ngoh.

Junior Contestant No. 15 – Dhillon Poh
Age: 22 years old
Height: 178cm
Weight: 72kg
Dhillon is a Sophomore at the School of Economics, Singapore Management University, and a Group Exercise Instructor (Trainee) at Fitness First Singapore. He has a keen interest in quantitative finance and organic skincare.
With a passion for youthfulness and anti-aging, Dhillon has made it his personal mission to promote the importance of adopting of a healthy lifestyle and living life to its fullest. He frequents the gym daily and incorporates weight-training and cardiovascular exercises to keep him in shape. He also has a penchant for teas and herbal infusions, aspiring to start a tea line business in the future.
Dhillon believes the key to success in life is adaptability and the ability to constantly reinvent oneself to stay relevant. Having established veterans like Madonna, Donald Trump and Jennifer Lopez as his role models, he hopes to achieve the same kind of longevity in whatever he does in his personal – and professional – lives.
Dhillon is the sensitive new age guy. My first encounter with him is full of sunshine as he enjoyed smiling. I found he is into healthy lifestyle and versed with skin care plus a soft spot for floral teas right on our first conversation. 3 words to describe him 
Thoughtful . Approachable . Adaptable

What is the best thing that happened to you in Manhunt 2015?

“I would say the great friendships that were made with the 29 other amazing men. There’s so much to learn from all of them.”

Junior Contestant No. 18 – Shaun Toh
Age: 22 years old
Height: 173cm
Weight: 70kg
Shaun Toh is an ex national rower who has represented Singapore in numerous rowing competitions, both locally and internationally. During the course of his rowing career, he managed to clinch a bronze medal in the South East Asia Rowing Championship for the Light Weight Men Double Sculls Event which qualified him for SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta. Shaun is also a proud recipient of the prestigious of the Peter Lim Sports Scholarship in 2011 from the Singapore Olympic Foundation for his excellence in his sporting career and studies.
After Shaun graduated from his Tertiary education in Singapore Polytechnic, he went on to serve his National Service in the Police Coast Guard. During his service in the Police Force, he and his team mates managed to detect and intercept a speed boat carrying 36 illegal immigrants trying to enter Singapore’s waters and apprehended them. He was given a Commander’s Award from the Commander of the Police Coast guard for his devotion to duty and consistency of maintaining the highest standard of performance to protect the coastal waters of Singapore.
Shaun recently completed his National Service, and is now an undergraduate at the University of London. Shaun believes that a healthy mind starts with a healthy body and keeping fit is a key. Shaun’s ultimate goal is to set up his own business in selling ready-made healthy meals.

Shaun has got a mouthful of profiles at 22, from a ex national rower, bronze medal in the South East Asia Rowing Championship for the Light Weight Men Double Sculls, recipient of Peter Lim Sports Scholarship and Commander’s Award from Commander of the Police Coast guard. That is really like WOW!

I am sure these 2 months would be a consistent drill in his lifestyle and preparing for the big day on 5 Dec. A veggie lover and fully cooked steak (hmm.. sounds tough) would be what gets him going plus his supportive girlfriend going on a diet with him. 

What would you hope to achieve by 5th Dec?

“I feel that I’m lacking experience on stage as this is the first time that I’m in a pageant. (Eg. doing catwalks on stage, public speaking, photoshoot) Also, it has been a challenge to me achieve 6 packs ab. However I believe that I’m propelled with the right drive to achieve the confidence on stage and also my dream body by 5th Dec.”

Looking forward to see a new you Shaun!

Junior Contestant No. 19 – Raphael Chen
Age: 27 years old
Height: 172cm
Weight: 74kg
Raphael Chen is a full time sports marketer who has worked with international sporting bodies such as the Badminton World Federation and the Liverpool Football Club. He aspires to become a well-known sports personality in Singapore and own a fitness studio one day.
During his school days, Raphael dreamt of being a professional pianist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. However, he found his true calling in sports & fitness when he began weight lifting and joined his junior college’s volleyball team as a competitive player. Armed with a Personal Training certification that he completed last year, he is now one step closer to realizing his dreams. In his pursuit of all things competitive, Raphael joined a dragon boat team recently.
As the group training program began to take off & receive excellent feedback from his team mates, an idea took shape. Together with a business partner, they decided to start a Facebook group “HOOAHFiTT”, so as to make available this unique training regime to all sport enthusiasts in Singapore.
When he is not working out or playing sports, Raphael gets in touch with his sensitive side by playing the piano.

Row row row a boat furiously down a stream… That’s Raphael Chen for you as he just joined the dragon boat team recently! 

Love his share of humour in his recent baking adventure though its a disaster made with whey. Huge splatter of cookies but good efforts though. Professional sportsman turned flop baker with a twist of fun.  All the best and I will be looking out for you Raphael!

What kind of image do you portray to your followers on social media?

“Being myself.. Being real.. Optimism most importantly.. And smiling mostly.. I try to inspire people by removing negativities in life.. Making things achievable, and not impossible..
Always trying new things and be excited about everything i do. People like to see photos, and i like to take pictures.. I would say that people are curious how i put things in my own perspective or how i make things look easy to accomplish. “

Junior Contestant No. 20 – Muhammad Hanafie
Age: 26 years old
Height: 171cm
Weight: 60kg
Muhammad Hanafie Bin Ali Mahmood is the stuff of legend in social media in Singapore, after valiantly taking on a man double his size on a busy MRT train where said man was pointlessly loudly harassing another passenger. Of all the people around, Hanafie stood up as a lone voice against the bullying and became known widely as the “MRT Hero”.
In real life, Hanafie wears many hats. He is a freelancer, and runs his own business selling frozen food with the company of “Delicacies Khans”.
Music is his passion as he loves singing and playing the guitar since he was a teenager. He also keeps himself busy and healthy. Hanafie loves to exercise by running.
He always believes in these two quotes which help guide him in the things that he does – “always go through the hottest fire when u want to be the strongest steel” and
“be a brave person, positive, always be helpful, do not react on criticism and always put a smile on”.
Ultimately, Hanafie hopes to be an actor and a personality who inspires others.
One of the highlight would be our “MRT Hero” for this year Manhunt with even the KNN (Kaki News Network) supporting his win. Cannot go wrong supporting someone with a brave heart fighting against the evil forces doesn’t it! 

Can you share about the attention that you are getting from joining Manhunt being the “MRT hero”?
“Hmm..I feel this is kind of blessing from God that the attention I get from people cos I have gain extra supporters. By having a lot of supporters and work hard on body work-out the light of opportunity of winning is there.”

We will be looking out for you Hanafie! You rock!

Senior Contestant No. 2 – Ron Kou
Age: 33 years old
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Ron Kou may seem introverted when you first see him, but when you get to know him better, he is actually a fun, lovely and cheerful guy.
Music is one of his biggest passions and he has played in an orchestra for more than 14 years, giving him exposure to the music scene, both locally and overseas. After furthering his music education with NTU-NIE, Ron teaches at some of the top school bands like those in St. Andrew’s, St. Patrick’s and the Singapore Management University. He also used to be a member of the Singapore Police Force Band but, unfortunately, his busy schedule does not permit him to do so now.
Since music is a huge part of his life, singing is Ron’s favourite hobby. When he was young, his singing coach would bring him along to sing at some 7th-month getai performances, and that allowed him to gain performance experience as well as earn some pocket money for himself. During his free time, he will also gather some of his friends for singing sessions.
A gym buff, his other favourite past time would be to hit the gym and work hard on his physique.

I was there during the photoshoot and caught Ron having selfies so might as well have a wefie since both of us love taking photos. Ron has a warm disposition and a guy next door look. He further charmed the audience during the Press Conference by crooning a Chinese number. Aww… 

How confident are you in winning Manhunt 2015?

“I am confident because of who I am. We are all awesome and we will only be ruining that awesomness by comparing ourselves to someone else instead of just being happy with who we are.”

So girls, if you liked someone with a voice to charm you complete with boyish charm then do support Ron!

Senior Contestant No. 3 – Kenneth Ting
Age: 34 years old
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Kenneth claims to be a geek at heart. He is into comic books and video games. In the past, Kenneth competed in various games such as “League of Legends” and “Rock Band”, and had even won an Asian championship with his team in “Counterstrike”, playing against teams from countries such as Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia.

In more recent years, Kenneth has taken his interest in comic books and anime a step further by delving into cosplay, appearing as a cosplay guest for gaming and cosplay conventions in Indonesia and Malaysia. The embrace and the spark in a child’s eyes when he sees his favourite superhero is very heart-warming for Kenneth.

Kenneth is a Sport Science degree graduate who now works freelance as a personal trainer, whilst owning an online supplement business. Each time a client achieves his fitness goals, Kenneth feels a sense of euphoria and satisfaction. He also works freelance as a model, talent and performer as he also does stilt walking.

His sporty side has also allowed him to partake in his other less geeky childhood interests, such as cycling and swimming, having been involved with cycling marathons and swimming competitions since young.

Kenneth Ting, also known as Kenneth ‘Lilaeroplane’ Ting for his Cosplayer’s Name is a well-known cosplayer in Singapore since March 2011. He did a street fighter cosplay that was featured on the official fb with 12k likes and was part of a cosplay parody video that got 819k views in under 1.5year. He was also invited to cosplay in Indonesia and Malaysia events as an event guest. Its pretty refreshing to find a cosplayer in Manhunt and this certainly added a different spice to the competition with a talented performer. Kenneth has very versatile outlook and he had worn many looks with such beauty that I am enjoyed much strolling through his Facebook page.

Could you share what makes a cosplayer like you want to join Manhunt?

“I joined manhunt for the experience and also for the chance to unlock whatever opportunities that may present itself to me. I think my odds of winning is mathematically 1:10 since I feel everyone has a very good chance of winning. Each contestant have their strengths and weaknesses and I believe its up to us to impress the judges with our strengths while hiding our weaknesses in this journey.”

Senior Contestant No. 5 – Sammy Phua
Age: 33 years old
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76 kg

Sammy is an ex-National Rugby player who has played against Waisale Serevi – widely considered one of the greatest rugby sevens players ever – in the Hong Kong Sevens. He has also competed in several Muay Thai competitions.

In his youth, Sammy’s ambition was to become a Gynaecologist, but due to financial limitations, he made the decision to become a Personal Trainer while pursuing a full time Degree in Sports Science. Sammy derives a lot of job satisfaction when he sees his clients’ health and fitness improve through exercise and has hence decided to marry his 2 passions – Fitness and Medical Science. He went to Australia to pursue his Masters in Health Science and came back to Singapore with only $11 in his bank account.

Through sheer grit and dedication, Sammy has finally achieved his dream and now runs and owns his own fitness studio, The System Gym.

Belying his jock exterior, Sammy regularly unleashes his inner geek by creating and immersing in the world of board games. Interestingly, he likes to unwind and work out to Classical Opera.

Sammy stole the show with his Muay Thai performance during the Press Conference. He mentioned that he enjoyed this as it is a humble sport and enjoyed challenging sports apparently as he was an ex-National Rugby player. 

I see Sammy as a go-getter and believed in working hard to make his dreams come true. Imagine pursuing a Masters in Health Science with only $11 after he came back to Singapore. I am sure Sammy would be working hard to win the coveted title of Manhunt 2015 on 5 Dec. All the best Sammy!

Senior Contestant No. 7 – Keef Chan
Age: 43 years old
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Keef graduated from the National University of Singapore with an Honours degree in Botany. He spent 16 years serving the Ministry of Education as the Head of Department for Science in a Secondary School. He especially enjoyed moulding the youth not just in their intellectual domain, but also in their character building through being the Area Commandant and OC of a top National Police Cadet Corps Unit in Singapore.
He is still currently the Deputy Superintendent of Police (NPCC) despite having decided to leave the Ministry to pursue his interest and passion in the fitness industry. Leaving a successful career in his forties is a daunting prospect but Keef believes in following the advice that he gave to his students – “to live a life of passion and purpose”. The decision was borne from Keef’s own experience that weight training had given him. Having struggled since his youth with an image problem from a condition known as Pectus Excavatum, which inflicted him with low confidence and self- esteem, bodybuilding given him the ability to change himself and in the process, to live life confidently. Despite being a fitness professional for just three months, he had gained great satisfaction from helping his clients transforming their life and outlook.
In his spare time, Keef enjoys reading up on self-help books by inspiration writers such as Robin Sharma and Fredrik Eklund. He loves adventure travel and trekking to remote places as well as just chilling out by the beach or potting around in his garden. Two little known facts: Keef appeared in the local movie, “Forever Fever”, as a dancer and had also choreographed and danced with Jeanette Aw during his University days!
Keef has a quiet demeanor and like we always say never judge a book by its cover. This definitely applies to him. He had a solid education and uniform group background. And having overcome an image problem in youth, it allowed him to be much more confident with life and himself. Plus imagine him to be able to dance with Jeanette Aw (ballet trained) and also choreographed the dance during his uni days! 

What makes you being an educator join Manhunt?

“As an educator, I always believe that it’s is more than just teaching the content knowledge of a subject. We have the privilege to mound the characters of the young one and also shape their life. I had always encouraged my students not to define success narrowly as our society tends to. What is most important is to go boldly to live a life that is passionate, enriching and fulfilling. Follow your passion so that not only will you do well but also enjoy the process. 

Do not live for the next 70 years (they are mostly teens) the same dispassionate days and then call it living. That’s the same mantra that I’m taking when I took the plunge to join Manhunt this year. I felt mentally ready and am in what I felt the best physique that I had in all my life. It was now or never. 

Joining Manhunt would not only pushes me physically but more importantly forces me to confront my greatest weakness which is the lack a of confident in public speaking and also interaction with people. Having to deal with a lack of confident that stems from a physical defect, this competition give me a platform to reach out to people that are equally affected. I want to show them that they are also beautiful and should be confident about who they are, never having to live life in the shadows of others. 

Finally as an educator this is also another wonder way for me to reach out to our youth on environmental issues which ranks high up on my teaching passion. The yearly haze issue affects everyone of us and perhaps this could be an opportunity for me to work with green advocates and agencies to heighten the awareness of this in our youth so that they can be equally passionate about the environment and initiate the change for a better tomorrow.”
A man who surprised me loads after finding more about him!
Despite the fact that Manhunt Singapore has been ongoing for the 28th year this year, they have managed still to have scored a few “firsts”. For example, this year’s competition sees for the first time, a pair of father and son both in the running. Ryan Poon, 24 (on the right) and his father, Poon Weng Kee, 48 (on the left) are competing in Manhunt and Senior Manhunt respectively.


Junior Contestant No. 10 – Muhammad Imran
Junior Contestant No. 15 – Dhillon Poh
Senior Contestant No. 2 – Ron Kou
Senior Contestant No. 6 – Matthew Lou


Junior Contestant No. 1 – Leroy Tan
Junior Contestant No. 3 – Firhan Padzlun

Junior Contestant No. 7 – Terence Tan

Junior Contestant No. 11 – Dennis Aw

Junior Contestant No. 13 – Zhang KaiWen

Senior Contestant No. 1 – Edmund Yang

    Senior Contestant No. 2 – Ron Kou
Senior Contestant No. 3 – Kenneth Ting

More group photos for your to feast your eyes on…











More updates coming up…

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