Behind the Scene of #ForOurChildren Charity Calendar Photoshoot!

I was very honoured to be part of this FOC calendar with a group of amazing personalities. Decided to wear a gown for this shoot as I felt that a woman deserve to look her best even without a partner and I love the simplicity timeless design from Gowns Villa couple with the uniquely designed Gas Bijoux earrings. All these not possible with makeup babe Iva and celebrity photographer Herbert Julian from Jwalking Studio and of course our dearest Kate who coordinate the shoot and bought us food/drinks.

Details of how to support us for this group cause found below.

It was an impromptu decision to have the photoshoot done outdoor but we were lucky that the haze was not that bad during the shoot.

Special thanks to the sponsors for your support:

Location/Horse : Gallop Stable
Gown: Gowns Villa
Makeup: Iva Jo
Hair: Hair 510
Skincare: V10plus
Earrings : Gas Bijoux
Styling : Ministry of Image Consultancy
Photography : JWalking Studio Photography

Started the day early at 9plus with makeup and hair from talented Iva at the Gallop Stable Horsecity. Gallop Stable had been very kind to allow us to use the place and arranging for a horse for us to use during shoot.

 I am all ready to go!

Posting some selfies before the shoot starts. The sun was so bright and sunny that Chloez had difficulty opening her eyes.

My little cheeky Clovelle posing for the selfie.

My 2 beautiful princesses having fun on the swing. How can I not love them, look at their faces.

Me and my prince charming! Swept my feet away each time.

Maia’s prince no doubt was a winner in selfie too! Hahaha… I kept disturbing him with Hi5!

Being a single mom would be a tough road. I am glad we found each other. We share many common beliefs and believe we would be a pillar of strength in our journey. You rock Maia!

Saw the pretty gal at the back? Its no other Maia’s little princess,Kaka. She got along well with my 3 angels and they were playing happily as teacher and students in the room and running around at the glass patch.

Maia’s angels (Kaka and Mick) and my angels (Jayden, Chloez & Clovelle). I am sure they would be good friends in time to come.
Finishing the shoot with a family wefie!

Difference between Joy Leng calendar and FOC Personalities Edition calendar.

features Joy Leng and ten other guest models from Singapore, Indonesia and Russia.
* Kate Lim
* Iva Jo
* Angel Lin
* Jasline Marie
* Hashiena Jan (Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2015)
* Sara Thashah
* Nikola Cudova
* Elena Yuferova
* Surya Rahmanty
* Khaye An Reyes

feature guest artistes
* Jeremy Monteiro (Jazz maestro)
* Keagan Kang (Lead actor of Code of Law)
* Danny Koh (local magician)
* Maia Lee (Singapore Idol Finalist )
* Adeline Hokulani (Miss Singapore Venus 2001)
* Jaslyn Tan (Miss Singapore Grand 2014)
* Tammie Chew (actress in popuar series Menantu International)
* Aric Hidir Amir (Lead actor in movie Anchovies)
* Celestia Faith Chong (local celebrity blogger)
* Angeline Yap (Lead actress in movie Lang Tong)
* Rebels MC
(Bryan Lim, Scott Chan, Mark Pereira, Michael Nicolich, Fezz Kude)

~ Proceeds from BOTH calendars go to the same fund raising goal, US$28,000 to build a school for Cambodian children under Tabitha Singapore/Cambodia.

* buying any or both of the calendars.
* buy ticket for our combined calendars launch at Fern and Kiwi.
– FERN & KIWI (Clarke Quay) /
– paypal – joyleng@gmail.com.

LAUNCH EVENT (at Fern & Kiwi)
Date – 5th Nov Thurs 2015
Time – 7-10pm
Venue – #01-02/03, The Cannery, Clarke Quay, 3C River Valley Singapore.
Ticket Price – S$50 (buy tickets by 31 Oct to enjoy exclusive vouchers)
Includes first drink, happy hour thereafter and one calendar.

* Entertainment (live performances)
* Lucky draw
* Appearances of some featured guest artistes and models from both calendars.
* Appearances of our calendar ambassadors.

Say yes to education for the children!


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