Mediacorp Rotax Max 2015! Msbabelovebebes is the official blogger!

MediaCorp OOH Media is organizing the Festival of Wheels, from 9 to 11 October, at the Singapore Sports Hub. This inaugural event comprises two segments of differing nature, MediaCorp Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015, a motor-sport league and the first kart-racing competition on the public streets of Singapore, as well as Urban Wheels Challenge, an urban gravity cycling competition.

The Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015 is expected to host 62 racers from 9 different countries across Asia, competing in 8 different categories. This race is part of the fastest growing league races in the world, with a record of 288 racers from 60 countries contending in the international finals. Even racers as young as 13 years old participate at the event, for it is a stepping stone for them to enter a career in motor sports.

Co-organized by MediaCorp’s OOH Media and Speed-Max Racing, MediaCorp’s Rotax Max Singapore Open is Singapore’s first competitive race karting league. It presents the rare opportunity for racers to race competitively on the streets with the backdrop of the Singapore city like the recent Formula 1 night race.

The Rotax MAX Challenge™ is an international motor sport race formula for race karts and is the fastest growing kart racing series in the world. In 2013, a record 288 racers from about 60 countries raced at the Grand Finals

Drivers as young as 13 years old are taking part and gaining international racing experience in the junior class and it is the ideal first step into a career in motor sports. A large number of current Formula 1 drivers started with Rotax engines; Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen among them.

Mr Henry Goh, Head of OOH Media said, “The objective for us to organize this inaugural Festival of Wheels is to bring the public, cycling and the motor sports communities closer, whilst giving advertisers a different platform to engage their audience. We hope that through this event, we can grow the sporting ecosystem and contribute towards the vibrancy of the sporting fraternity.”

Mr James Leong, Director of Rotax Max-Asia Main Distributor said, “We are delighted to see our karts in action at MediaCorp’s Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015, and we believe that this race will be one of the best experiences for the racers in a highly urbanized setting and on a public road akin to the F1 night race.”

Msbabelovebebes was proud to be leading a team of bloggers to cover this exciting event. Thanks to Mediacorp OOH for the opportunity.
Most of us are wearing the clothes from Mediacorp wardrobe for our group photo. 
Photo credits: Tracy Wong
Being a team of fun loving bloggers, we decided to do a act-cool and happy look photos for remembrance together with Tony from V10plus. 

How do I fare looking like a Mata-Mata character?

Please find below interesting coverage from msbabelovebebes team of bloggers.


Guest Blogger (Yew Meng, Senior Manhunt 2014)

1. Tracy
Part 1: http://gilmangirl.livejournal.com/519765.html

2. Danessa  
3. Jasmine 
4. Dawn Wang 
5. Leechie
6. Dawn Chan
The team of bloggers were glad to be sponsored a portable wifi by Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd so that we could share to social media to our heart’s content during the event.

Photo credits: Danessa

There was loads of activities from Sports Singapore encouraging the bonding of family through exercise. I saw some Japanese and Koreans staying in Singapore joining in the fun too.

Look at the kids having a good time playing the kids jockey.

Look the chubby little darlings having fun with the mummies looking over.

Bouncing castles are usually haven for the kids and a breather for the parents as they jumped to their hearts content within.
Photo Credits: Tracy Wong

Stand a chance to bring home balloons and other souvenirs when they win at least 5 games in Uncle Ringo games.


Photo credits: Tracy Wong
Thanks to Monster who provided the energy drink for the 3 days event. Not forgetting the pretty babes who worked hard in ensuring the drinks are chilled too!

Auto Gymkhana puts driver’s maneuvering skills to a test, as they are required to complete a series of complicated obstacle courses within the shortest time possible. This motor sport is all about having a good foundation of basic motoring skills, using them to cruise between high-level obstacles such as cones, tight donut-boxes as well as figure of eights.

Drivers are also required to drift through the courses so as to achieve the fastest line. Due to its complexity, these racers have to memorise the courses to be able to successfully finish the course in a record-breaking timing.

Fooling around with the photographer’s camera while waiting for my turn to drift. Ok I admit, I did not do very well trying to look like the next bond gal. Hahaha…

I had my turn trying drifting as well and thanks to Casio ZR3500 I am able to do a video selfie as the drifting took place. An forgettable experience though I certainly wish for more. It lasted one min plus but the memory would last for a life time. I enjoyed exhilarating sports and a VIP experience like this is definitely rare. You can see my overjoyed face as I was drifting in the car.
You must be thinking I am crazy to do this video selfie but I was enjoying every moment of this experience.

 I am glad to have Yew Meng (Senior Manhunt 2014) who was my guest blogger to come by and join in the drifting experience too. As a guy, I was sure he could relate the experience better than I do.

Right after the drifting we proceed to the Dunlop tent to interview the drivers and not forgetting to pose with this sporty baby.

Ivan had been representing Dunlop for competition for the past 10 years now and enjoyed every moment of it. As for Shen Yan, he is already competing in Japan which is the dream places for racers at a tender age of 25. An amazing feat despite starting at a young age of 20. Marcus Lim is the founder of Formula Drift Asia started 2008 in Singapore promoting motor sports in the region. The Formula DRIFT started in 2008 and drifting outside Japan was a new arena. In fact I was inspired by his passion in sharing drifting as a sport.

Group photo from left: Yew Meng, Marcus, Shen Yan, Ivan and myself.

Rotax Max is a kart-engine by BRP and the international challenge is approved by and in compliance with the CIK-FIA (Commission Internationale de Karting / Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). The same chassis, tyres and sealed Rotax engines are used for equal performance. The challenge is hence unique as driving ability is all that counts, so racers can only win by having exceptional racing skills.

Here were some interesting profiles who participated:

One of the perks of being the official blogger also allows me access to private areas not accessible to the public. I had a chance to explore the carpark area where all the gokarts being stored and serviced. Somehow I felt the excitement before the race even started.

The guys all looking so serious discussing on the race. You could see that this is a male dominated arena. I wondered how it felt like to be racing in a gokart. Would love to try it one day.

Up and close personal with a gokart. Serious stuff…

I was standing right behind at the starting point before they set off. The excitement was indescribable.

Stole some moments to the Gogreen counter meeting up my “husband” Jimmy in the latest Gogreen STB video and marketing collaterals plus my dearest Janice who’s the GM of GoGreen.

Even Philip Goh from Mediacorp OOH could not help but ride on a Segway around for the 3 days. He is one friendly and experience fatherly figure who taught me loads during our interaction. He’s the one who gave me the opportunity to be involved in this event too. Thanks Philip!

Together with Mr. Yam Cheong Ke from Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd who had came with his family to support the event too!

Photobooth taking and interview time! We were all looking stylish doesn’t it?

From left: Xie Jiafa(Yes933), Fadhlur Rahman(Suria), Farhana M Noor(Suria), myself, Tim Oh(Class 95), Herbert Julian(Jwalking Studio)

Next was to try out the Harley Davidson ride with artistes. Wefie before we start.
Photo from left: James Seah, Alfred Sim, Nick Teo and Paige Chua

Paige is a soft spoken, friendly and effectively bilingual too. We naturally chatted more since we were the only gals then.

Together with Willy Low, Sales Manager from Harley Davidson with their cool bikes. He was the one who gave me a ride too! An extremely easy going guy who believed in bringing Harley to the heartlands.

Interaction time with the crowd…

The Urban Wheels Challenge, an event organised by MediaCorp’s OOH Media, is a cycling competition with a challenging course designed to mimic the outdoor terrain but in an urban setting. Targeting the cycling community at large, the race allows experienced gravity riders to compete against their peers, as well as for the first-timers to experience the thrills and adrenaline rush of an urban gravity race at a venue that many looked forward to racing in.

Having the longest urban circuit with the most number of obstacles, the Urban Wheels Challenge features a challenging urban gravity race course at a world-class venue, Singapore Sports Hub.

While racers enjoy the challenging race routes, audiences can expect fun and family friendly activities such as a best trick side event, entertaining stage segments, best dressed competition, celebrity meet and greet sessions, a mini pump track clinic and the Urban Wheels Village featuring many attractive offers and product demos to cater to all cycling enthusiasts.

Mr Suhaimi Haj, President of the Singapore Cycling Federation said, “Our objective is to encourage, promote, organize, develop the art of Cycling in Singapore and the Urban Wheels Challenge organized by MediaCorp OOH Media provides us with a great platform for us to do so.”

Naturally the artistes had their share of fun on the stage with the wheels.

Trying out the bicycles themselves which few shared that it was not as easy as it seemed.

What more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon to be able to interview these young artistes. This time I completed the interview in Chinese. Do pardon me but I am still proud that I did it. All except Jeffrey Xu who came on Sunday while the rest came for Sat/Sun to experience the various events.
From left: James Seah, Nick Teo, Alfred Sim, Jeffrey Xu and myself

How could we forget the fan club supporting Jeffrey Xu as they follow us the whole afternoon trying out the activities!

Chilling off at the VIP lounge with food and drinks with my 3 angels. I wanted them to be here since I was not able to bring them along to F1. Its a mini version but on top of that they got to try and watch much more other than the Uncle Ringo nostalgic games and bouncing castles.

My latest craze! Segway!  I managed to convince shy Jayden to give it a go and apparently he was enjoying himself and managed perfectly. Well done my dear!

Chloez being a brave gal, managed to master the in riding Segway within 5 mins. Clap clap!

Clovelle being the youngest and only 5 years old, ride the Segway under supervision and had fun all the same. Look at her cheeky expression while Chloez looked on.

Presenting my 3 angels!

Everyone waiting anxiously for the prize giving.

We cannot possibly miss this photo while waiting for the prize presentation. Thanks DJs for being so spontaneous during interview!

From left: Jamie Yeo(Gold90.5), Zaza Majid(Warna), myself and 3 angels, Mike Kasem(Gold90.5), Dzar Ismail(RIA 897FM)

Final selfie before I going up the stage for the sponsor appreciation. I know I am flooding with photos of my angels but they just melt me so much.

Congrats to all the winners and hope to see you next year!

Receiving the token of appreciation for being the official blogger from Mr. Henry Goh, Head of OOH Media from Mediacorp. With all the hardwork put in, I definitely would like to share this recognition with my 3 angels. For giving me the strength and joy to enable me to give me best in whatever I do.

My love and joy! Jayden – acting cool (lol); Chloez – she’s posing exactly just like me! (omg she is seeing too much of my pageant photos. keke…); Clovelle – her invincible sunshine smile steals the show all the time. 
Thanks to all my followers for your support to date and trust in me, this mummy shall work doubly hard and present more to you!

Closing off the event with a huge bang with interviewing Mr. Jack Lim, Chief Commercial Officer of Mediacorp Pte Ltd. My greatest honour to have the opportunity for this short moment of interview with the man heading the entertainment industry in Singapore. Thank you Sherlyn Hi and Philip Goh from OOH for making all these possible and msbabelovebebes team of bloggers plus everyone who had made this event a blast. Proud to be part of this amazing event that wrote a history for Singapore Rotax Max event. I am looking forward to the next one!

Sponsor Lists for the Event

MediaCorp Festival Of Wheels
Sponsor/ PartnerTitle
Singapore Sports Hub
Supporting Venue Partner
Sport Singapore
In Support of Sports Promotion
MediaCorp Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015
Sponsor/ PartnerTitle
Singapore Motor Sports Association
Race Sanction By
Speedmax Motorsports Pte Ltd
Race Coordinator
KRS Motorsports Sdn Bhd
Official Engine – Rotax Max
FJ Benjamin (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Official Timepiece – Bell & Ross
Streamcast Asia Pte Ltd
Official Action Camera – GoPro
Pacific Beverages Pte Ltd
Official Energy Drink – Monster
Official Water – Icelandic Glacial Water
Binter & Co. Pte Ltd
Official Gymkhana Tires – Dunlop
Bardahl Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Official Lubricant – Bardahl
Aetos Security Management
Official Security Partner
GoGreen Holdings Pte Ltd
Official Segway Personal Transporter Provider
Jwalking Studio
Official Photography Partner
Official Blogger
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd
Gao Towing Services
Official Towing Services
MeGreen Resources
Supporting Partner
Traveller Wi-Fi Pte Ltd
Technology Partner
Urban Wheels Challenge
Sponsor/ Partner Title
Singapore Cycling Federation
National Sports Association
Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Official Bike Components
Xtreme DSP Global Pte Ltd
Official Sports Communication
Official Bike Media
Rodalink (S) Pte Ltd
Cycling Partner
Distro.X Asia
The Secret Society Inc
PK Auto Parts Pte Ltd
Crankworkz Pte Ltd
Wize Electronics Pte Ltd
Redbull (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Shriro Singapore Pte Ltd
1 Oak Event Services
Competition Management Partner

Huge thanks to V10 Plus for the sunblock, Formasian Label, Aramsa Spa, Hadara Aesthetics Boutique for the eye treatment and Ministry of Memories for the vouchers.

Photo credits: Tracy Wong


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