Bye Bye Freckles and Smoother Skin with Spectra Laser !

There are too many benefits of Spectra XT. It helps to reduce visible skin pigmentation and also a safety-proven freckle treatment.

There are many benefits to having a Laser Toning procedure with the Spectra™. You will notice glowing youthful looking skin, improved overall skin tone, smoother feeling skin and reduction in appearance of acne scars.

I have not tried any laser treatment on my face before thus when I was recommended to try this I was a bit skeptical at first. I went google through and realise that there is no downtime and minimal side effect, and I could immediately resume daily activities.
This is how the room looked like. I got up to take a photo before we start thus the bed was a bit messed up. Sorry!

You can observed noticeable freckles on my face before the treatment. Its been with me since I was 10 as I do not know how to take care of my face then and thus did not use sunblock. Sunblock came during my late 20s which was a bit wee too late though. I was certainly anticipating miracle as this had been bothering for years and the tons of lightening/whitening cream certainly was not helping.
Firstly, I would advise to come without makeup else you will need to remove it at the clinic befor you start. This is how I look to prepare for the treatment with carbon applied all over. Latest Frozen look! Joking… 🙂

Dr Benjamin came into the room 20 mins later to start the treatment. It lasted only about 10 mins! This was how it looked after the treatment. I could smell a burnt odour as he tried to “burn” off my freckles. There was a slight pain involved during the process but its all worth it for the sake of beauty!

You realised it turned to redish and followed on by dark brown spots the next day.

All ready to go!

I was told to come back for review in 10 days time. The tinging pain was eased by some cream applied. The next few days was a splat of concealers to cover the dark brown marks. By the 4th day, the brown marks came off right on my sis wedding. How timely! I was practically jumping for joy when I see the bigger freckles out of my way. At the same time, I could feel my skin smoother and softer. I started getting more compliments when I am in my nude face. I was not expecting this result but its definitely a yes for me to try laser facial treatments again.
This was how I look when the freckles burnt dead skin fell off. Loving it!
Thank you Dr. Benjamin Yim for the fantastic job done!

Contact Info:
Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre
583 Orchard Road
Forum #06-04
Singapore 238884
Tel: 6737 9181


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