(Sponsored) Esboudoir Nails Bling Nails for Emcee Gala Event!

My latest nail adventure was with Esboudoir Nails. I needed pretty nails for my upcoming event which I was suppose to be hosting as well as my sister wedding. My gown was from La Belle and naturally having my nails done was critical. Esboudoir Nails is conveniently located at Vivocity.

Esboudoir Nails  first opened in VivoCity on Oct 2006 as a full fledge nail care salon providing professional services like Natural Nail Cares, Acrylic, Gel, Gel Polish, Nail Arts and Design, Exclusive Spa Treatments. Other services offered include eyebrow trimming, eyelash perming and extension, and facial threading.

I was welcomed with a cozy ambience and cannot help by relaxed as I stepped into the shop.

Each seat is carefully designed to ensure the comfort of each customer. The seats are well cushioned with a personal cushion on every chair plus armrest. The usual feet soaking area is carefully hidden as a drawer below the chair and the whole place is tidy and neat.

I started with my feet first and pleasantly surprised that instead of the traditional foot file, the electronic one was used. Esboudoir Nails pioneered the use of the “Electronic Foot File” in Singapore, this unique tool is developed to give a perfect finish every time whilst its changeable sanding disc ensures that a high level of hygiene is maintained. Hygiene to me is of utmost importance thus this is an effort that I would really appreciate.

Relaxing feet spa with massage!

More feet housekeeping done with all the torture I gave to my feet with the high heels day in and out.

All cleaned and ready to be painted! I chose deep red!

 Yeeks! Just in case you were wondering what was happening? Its the V3 hand treatment using V10plus products. What you saw on my hands were my dead skin! Good riddance I must say!

Smoother looking hands after the V3 treatment. Yay!

I did acrylic nails and all these stickers were used to help shape my nails as the nails were formed.

High tech shaping work in progress… Esboudoir Nails seemed to have the equipment for everything!

Nails looking chic even without any decor!

Here’s where all the creativity starts to set in.

 Ta dah! Loving the plain bling elegance of my nails. You realised that all 5 nails have a different design.

Thank you Esboudoir Nails for giving the nails that I wanted for my events and I am all so confident to be showing my new sets of nails! I am looking forward to my next set of nails in time for Christmas! Woo hoo!

Esboudoir Nails Vivo City
Vivo City
No.1 Harbour Front Walk
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6275 2868
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm
Email: vivo@esboudoir.com.sg


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