(Sponsored) Eyelash Extension – 24/7 Fluttering Lashes! by Esboudoir

I am back at Esboudoir! This time not for my nails but eyelash extensions. The unit 02-226 next to the nails provide eyebrow trimming, eyelash perming and extension, and facial threading.

Spotting the same cozy decor to welcome me as I stepped in.

Can you spot my favourite V10plus products on the shelves?

There are a few rooms and if you are thinking of coming with your girlfriend, you could request for a couple room by booking in advance.

This was how I looked before the eyelash extension was done.

My miserable short lashes…  I need to put on my false lashes each time to complete my look for the day. Thus, I was looking forward to save time for my daily makeup routine after the lashes were done.

This was the cozy couple room that I shared earlier.

Everything was in place to start the session.

Before we start, take a look of my lashes from this view. I was being given a choice of the lashes length available with the sample length shown to me. I chose a mixture of 12mm and 14mm as I would prefer a more dramatic look. Single lash extension was advised as I did not want my lashes to be falling out in clumps.

Any eyemakeup would have to be removed before my eyes were prepared with tapes for the service to start. Tapes were placed above my eye lash and below the eyes.

Each add on single lash extension was carefully glued onto my lash. It was not an easy task as I had really sensitive eyes and it kept getting watery. I have eyes that get touched easily literally. Lol…

Work in process…

One eye completed. Look at the difference! Please ignore my watery and redish eyes as my eyes are more sensitive as mentioned earlier.

Starting on the 2nd eye…


 Noticed the visible difference before and after! I am impressed!

Thank you Esboudoir for your service! Now I could have fluttering lashes first thing I wake up each morning. Its free touchup within one week of service. Its definitely reassuring for someone like me who was a layman when it comes to maintaining lash extension plus I could save time in putting on my false lashes everyday. I was advised to stick to water based makeup remover to keep the lash longer.  It could last 3 weeks to one month depending on individual.

Contact Esboudoir to try out this lash extension service if you are someone who have difficulty putting on false lashes or wants to brighten up your eyes with longer lashes.

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Esboudoir Vivo City
Vivo City
No.1 Harbour Front Walk
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6275 2868
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm
Email: vivo@esboudoir.com.sg


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