Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 in RWS on 18 December 2015!

Getting ready to attend Mrs Singapore World Finals 2015/16 in RWS was an exciting experience for me. This was especially so with kind sponsors making this possible. Thank you Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery for your kind VIP invitation. 
To start it off, I proceeded to the cozy and beautiful La Belle Couture boutique to select a suitable gown for the evening.  Peiru, the lady boss of La Belle Couture had thoughtfully placed aside 3 gowns accordingly to the theme Gatsby/Bling/Laces. I tried on this purple piece and kinda liked the mystic bling that it exudes for the occasion.

Next I tried on this romantic lace bustier red gown and felt so princessy all over again.

I was all set and decided on the purple piece. Measurements were carefully taken and I requested for this to be converted to an off shoulder design instead to flaunt my shoulders.

Thank you Peiru from La Belle Couture for being so supportive in sponsoring my gown for the event. I was sure that I would shine on that evening.
Had a trial makeup session with my makeup sponsor along with the gown to ensure that I would be looking right for occasion. All thanks to MelRich Makeup and Jwalking Studio for making this possible.

He is the man behind my makeup Mel Richard Sun from MelRich Makeup. Couldn’t thank him enough!

Not forgetting my all time favorite gorgeous nails from EsBoudoir Nails in Alexandra Retail Centre. I spent 3 hours for these nails and I assure you that its all worth it. The staff patiently trimmed my nails, created the acrylic extensions and creatively designed my nails with the pretty blings!

Look at those work of art. Hahaha… I know. I just have a soft spot for blings.

I went RWS at 330pm to get my hair done by Roy from Vintage Studios. Started with some side pleats, hot curls and finally a side bun to complete the look. Thank you Roy and Jeremy for making this possible!

On my way out and bump into our survivor Queen Betty! I am awfully proud of your strength and determination to live life with such passion and gustos.

Opportunity to grab a selfie before the event starts! How do I look? The success of how I look was all thanks to the kind sponsors who had made it possible. Its a blessing that I am always thankful for.

With celebrity lawyer Samuel Seow, the man behind Manhunt Singapore & Beam Artistes as well as one of the judge for the night. So sweet of him to come by and say hi! He is truly an inspiration.

With the Guest of Honour Mr. Baey Yam Keng and his wife. A very personable figure who’s always friendly and approachable each time I saw him in various events. My honour indeed.

This is the man who made many women beautiful! He is Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery. Dr Shens graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1998, and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2002. He specialised in breast augmentation, double eyelid surgery and many other procedures that modern women today would love to look like they never aged.

With sister Angela Tay, GM of ERM and her supporting husband Richard. Cannot imagine myself going this far without her advice and guidance. Its a feat to be creating such a women empowering event with bigger success after each every time. You are simply amazing sis.

Hi Ming Min! Thanks for popping by to say hi though I did not manage to recognise you at the start.

Who would have thought that sis Xiao Ying was from Classic Mrs Singapore when she looked so young. She is a dear friend to be with and always saying hi to me during events.

With Joyce Chew from Kira (sponsor/judge), don’t think it takes much to convince that you would be looking fabulous like her if you visit Kira to try out their facial services. She looked like a Gatsby princess for the night!

Another personal friend was Sinah Chuang from Riccino, who were the yearly sponsor for the beautiful shoes worn by the pageant queens and on my right is Joyce Chew from Kira.

Happy to be meeting Matthew Ong and Chee Kit here! Looking fabulous as always!

Our focus for the night when Wileen Chew would be crowning the next Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016!

The everlasting queens Aida, Gek Cheng and Christine who shone with much elegance for the night!

Talented host/singer/actress Shannon Su who never failed to spice up the event with energy and fun!

A must have photo with the talented dance choreographer Rafal Sojka. The stylist and amazing dance segments all done by him!

With Queen Constance and Jean!

Please bear with us we being queens we all enjoyed ourselves each time we had the opportunity to gather. Many beautiful photos coming up!

With Sharon Too who was the Pageant Director at Mrs. Malaysia Asia International 2016, National Director at Mrs Malaysia World.

The magic hands behind my makeup – Richard from MelRich Makeup! Thank you for coming down just to make sure that I shine for the night!

From left: Eugene, Queen Vale, Queen Avril and myself

From left: Queen Karen, Queen Angeline and myself.

Wefie caught in action!

From left: Karen, Tiara, myself and Apple

The event started with the Guest of Honour: Mr Baey Yam Keng walking in with his wife.

The finalists parading in the sexy lingerie from HBI International!

Crowning of Mrs Congeniality – #8 Jolin Zhou Lin by Dr Shen.

There was the Casual Fashion Showcase brought to us by Noël Caleb (Apparels), Riccino (Shoes) and Reebonz (bags), an Evening Wear Showcase brought to us by Beautiful Love Wedding (gowns), Riccino(shoes) and eClarity (jewelry)talent time and final Top 10 was selected for the Q&A segment.

Top 10 finalists!
#1 Ashlyn Thia
#2 Karine Estelle Cheong
#3 Alyssa Nguyen
#4 Jean Chen Shu
#5 Diana Ong
#11 Meena Bennett
#12 Vivian Rodriguez
#13 Katherine Chua
#16 Jean Koh
#18 Elizabeth Lim
Clips of the events:

The excited fans screaming in supporting to the finalists on stage!

From left: Sinah Chuang from Riccino, myself, Joyce Chew from Kira Beauty and Dr Rachel Lim from Ardmore Aesthetics.

Wileen taking her last walk before crowning the new queen! You would forever be a queen my dear.

The crowning moment…

Congrats #11 Meena Bennet for being the newly crowned Mrs Singapore World 2015/16!

Presenting the winners!

Mrs Singapore World 2015 Winner – #11 Meena Bennet
Mrs Singapore World 2015 1st runner up – #5 Diana Ong
Mrs Singapore World 2015 2nd runner up – #2 Karine Estelle Cheon
Mrs Singapore World 2015 3rd runner up – #18 Elizabeth Lim
Mrs Singapore World 2015 4th runner up – #12 Vivian Rodrigues

Mrs Beautiful Body – #2 Karine Estelle Cheong
Mrs Photogenic – #5 Diana Ong
Mrs Beautiful Feet – #16 Jean Koh
Mrs Eloquence – #9 Antika Misra
Mrs Fitness – #12 Vivian Rodriguez
Mrs Congeniality – #8 Jolin Zhou Lin 
Mrs Vintage Studio – #5 Diana Ong
Mrs Kira – #11 Meena Bennett
Mrs Elegance – #3 Alyssa Nguyen
Mrs Inspiration – #10 Kira Pecherska
Mrs Personality – #13 Katherine Chua
Mrs Radiant Skin – #4 Jean Chen Shu
Supportive Family – #2 Karine Estelle Cheong
Mrs Popularity – #1 Ashlyn Thia
Mrs Charity Queen – #2 Karine
Mrs Beauty With A Heart – #5 Diana Ong

Welcome to the ERM family!

Last shot with the winner Meena Bennet, newly crowned Mrs Singapore World 2015/16! You have done so well and I am so proud to be standing right beside you!

Credits to the Sponsor who had made it possible for this event:

Gown: La Belle Couture
Makeup: MelRich Makeup/ www.sgshopmall.com
Hair Styling : Vintage Studio
Hair Treatment: Hairlinc
Nails: EsBoudoir Nails
Aesthetic: Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery
Image Styling: Ministry of Image Consultancy
Photography: JWalking Studio Photography


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