Love 97.2 Talk Show with Wallace Ang Discussing on Men & Women!

The year started beautifully when I received a surprise message from Wallace Ang, Love FM97.2 DJ/Singer to join him in his talk show on 8 January from 8 to 9pm. Communicating in Chinese formally was not something that I do often thus I was indeed a little overwhelmed by excitement when this opportunity allowed me to do so. Naturally I came early to breeze my way to the studio after registering at the counter.

We would be discussing on the most common errors made by local men when communicating with women. These points were consolidated based on my experience and observations. The list is not exhaustive of course. 
10 样新加坡男生和女生在沟通时不经意犯的错
1)自夸/ 话题围绕着自己的生活 (bragging/talking all about himself)
2)不会为自己所做错的事道歉 (relunctant in apologising for own mistakes)
3)犹豫不决 (indecisive)
4)永远都是对的 (always right)
5)中断话题 (interrupting during conversation)
6)   没用心聆听, 对女生的话题没任何兴趣 (hear but does not listen; no interest in the conversation)
7)不善于给夸奖与鼓励 (stingy with compliments)
8)   负面的身体语言 (negative body language eg. wandering eyes, soft handshake, folded arms)
9)   缺乏绅士风度 (ungentlemenly)
10) 忙于手机用脸书,游戏, 回应讯息 (too engrossed with hp activities like facebook, games and messaging)
Below was a 2min brief cutout from our one talk show in case you had missed it.

Some selfies with Wallace before we start!

We were both using the same Casio camera and naturally he passed with flying colours using this to selfie. Look at his beautiful features and skin… Lol… Sorry a bit out of topic…

Trying to imagine how I would look like being a DJ. How do I look? Professional?

Together with me was talented Dennis who is a business owner and artiste. He was busy posting onto the social media. Sssshhh… Look at his serious face…

Practising a few more DJ selfie shots… LOL… I know right… This is just so me. I wanted more photos to capture the moment.

Finally, our Dennis was all ready to be in the photo. Cheers!

Wallace grabbing a quick toilet brekkie while I took a view of a DJ work desk. Its definitely an eye opener for me.

A must have group shot before we close for the night! Thank guys for the enjoyable experience chatting on the gender differences. My very first radio experience in 2016! Looking forward for more…

我的第一次在空中交谈真是太难忘了。 希望还有机会哦。。。 呵呵呵。。 谢谢圣安的邀请。 您真是一个了不起的DJ。敬佩!


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