A Giving Easter Weekend!

I asked myself how I would like to spend Easter with my 3 angels. I wanted it to be something they could remember by.

So Here It Goes…
In the morning, we went to All Saints Home where me and Ambrose Ting Chee Kheong host, sing and played games with the old folks alongside with other volunteers. I was so proud to see Jayden taking initiative to push the elderly in wheelchair back to their rooms. Its priceless for me as I felt the many volunteer activities I brought my angels had made them realised that giving comes from the heart and everyone play a part.

What can be more meaningful than spending the day with my 3 angels.

We had a wonderful team of volunteers who played and sang with the old folks from Christian, Chinese, English to Malay songs.

I was so honoured to be leading the song “Home Truly” to close off the event. I have not been singing in public for a good many years since my Choir days in school. I am missing this feeling for sure. Time to train my vocals once again!

A wefie with Ambrose and Maryanne fellow talents! Thank you Ambrose for making all these possible by putting this volunteer event together.

In the afternoon, my mission was teaching English to the single moms at Yong En Centre at Chinatown. English is a language that had been taken for granted by many of us but to them they are putting in their best for survival which could determine if they could get the next job while taking care of their child.

The children were behaving themselves with the colouring materials.

I could see the humble and eagerness in learning as Sher-li Torrey facilitate the session. My role was to teach the single mummies one to one on how to read and communicate effectively in English.

The evening period was dedicated to my 3 angels who had behaved themselves while mummy was trying to help others. For strutting around from Choa Chu Kang to Yishun then to Chinatown via public transport without a single complaint.

The kids having some fun on our way to Esplanade.

Their little surprise was an India Cultural Performance at Esplanade with A-Mah before indulging in Macdonalds and setting back home.

To me its a day well spent with my angels, where they learnt the life lessons which could not be found in books while we create memories of giving together.

Being Solo do not stop me from giving. Giving to those who need. Giving all my love to my angels. Giving my passion to all I do. Solo can be Blissful too. Guess that’s why I founded Solo Bliss.

Happy Easter Everyone! May you and your love ones be blessed!


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