(Sponsored) Lash Regrowth in 3 months! Session 1 & 2

Founder Jas Tan shared why she started Lash Regrowth

As a victim of eyelash extensions, I have been sourcing for solutions to grow my lashes back to the original state or even longer if possible. The serums in the market provides short term growth which did not solve my problem. On an occasion to Korea, I chanced upon this latest amazing technology that promotes natural lash growth. And truly, my lashes bloom in length and volume.

Watch what Jas shared in this video on Lash Regrowth.

Long, thick eyelashes are considered one of the most desirable features a person can have. Having such good results, Lash Regrowth is confident that they can help women who have suffered the same situation and bring back the beauty of their natural lashes.

Lash Regrowth is one of the pioneers in providing eyelash growth treatment in Singapore and till date, they have served more than 300 women and still counting.

As for me like Jas, I was a victim in eyelash extensions due to vanity.  Having the heavy lashes done, many of my natural lashes fell off after 2 rounds of extensions. It is a concern for me as for me I always like long and full lashes. 
According to Jas, there are many benefits when doing Lash Regrowth:

-Strengthen hair roots so lashes do not fall off easily
-Promotes longer and denser lashes
-Permanent growth
-No pain
-No side effects
-No downtime

It was a pleasant surprise when I was contacted by Lash Regrowth one day to try out their full set of treatments which would need 3 sessions based on once per month to witness the growth of the lashes. I said YES of course! I wanted my lashes back badly.

Lash Regrowth uses the latest technology from Germany to stimulate your hair follicles to promote natural growth of your eyelashes to achieve 5-8mm permanent lash growth!

It is conveniently located at Mount Elizabeth Novena #01-07 (within Beauty & Mums).

A box would be given to each client that comes with a serum used during the 3 sessions, 2 bottles for day and 1 bottle for night usage with the lash brush applicator and a measuring ruler for the lash.
This pen would be used during the treatment to stimulate the lash follicles. 

My makeup was removed first before the start of the treatment.

Look at how short my lashes were and there were gaps due to the lash loss.

My left side was an average of 6mm with missing lashes.

Right side was slightly better at up to 7mm in length and again with missing lashes.

The serum was being applied before we start.

And here we go!

The pen tip came with the vibrating pins that were supposed to stimulate the lash follicles. I had very sensitive eyes by nature and teared more than usual. The upper and lower eye for both eyes was treated.

My eyes was a little red from the tearing. I felt a little tingling sensation as well. Not exactly pain free due to my sensitivity. Guess that’s also the reason why I had problem with my eyeliner embroidery.

More serum was being applied after that. My eyes were then covered with a plastic wrap and then a warm mask for 20mins.

This was the end of the first session. The next two sessions would be a month apart and looking forward that I could proudly declare I have long natural lashes without my falsies next time.

In the meantime, I would need to diligently apply the serum day and night. Listen to what Jas advised me after the treatment.

These was taken right before I start my session 2 to see how much my lashes had grown since the last session.

Can you see the difference? I was so busy that I missed out the lash regrowth session after one month and yet I do see the results with fuller lashes. Can’t wait for my 3rd session soon!

Do look out for out for my next update for my session 3!

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$280 for one session

For more information,
FB: Lash Regrowth
Instagram: #Lash.regrowth
Contact: 8261 3088
Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena #01-07 (within Beauty & Mums)


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