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This is a major throwback post. Been overwhelmed due to the pageant so I liked to thank you P Clinic for being so patient with me in sharing my experience.

Boasting a strong foothold of over 40 clinics across seven countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, and China, and soon the United Kingdom), P Clinic is the global headquarter of the largest aesthetic care clinic chain in Singapore.

Relaunched with a fresh brand in May 2016 in Paragon Singapore, be it delaying the signs of ageing or enhancing your beauty potentials, P Clinic’s medical aesthetic treatments are designed and tailored to treat a range of skin conditions based on the concept of Colour, Consistency and Contour to minimize the effects of age, photo-damage, and gravity.

It effectively addresses a wide range of skin concerns such as pigmentation, scar reduction, acne prone skin, uneven skin tone, face and body contouring etc.

It is conveniently located at Paragon which is a plus point when it comes to a quick face refresher during lunch or shopping trip. It is stylishly done and gave a cozy warm ambience.

I started with a consultation with Dr. Wilson . He is a knowledgeable and friendly doctor who is willing to answer anything. I am a very inquisitive person and tend to ask loads of questions before the treatment starts. After understanding the past treatments that I had done before, Dr. Wilson suggested Illuminesse , Resurfix and SerumFX for me. My main concerns were dull skin, freckles and wants firmer skin.

I started with Illuminesse which addresses skin discolouration, pigmented lesions and is effective towards whitening of the skin. This procedure helps to generate collagen and promotes regrowth, thus reducing pigmentation.

Dr. Wilson mentioned that it is effective for treating and clearing Melasma as well as vascular concerns such as rosacea and visible blood vessels. Illuminesse is often regarded to be the gold standard treatment of Melasma as it treats the root of Melasma, decreasing the occurrence of a rebound.

A clear gel was applied on my face and my eyes were covered before Dr. Wilson began with the treatment.

The session was pain free and only takes a matter of minutes! This was what I call a quick solution.

The gel was then removed to prepare me for Resurfix. It is the latest advancement in skin resurfacing.

Resurfix removes the outermost layer of skin, shortening the normal duration of the skin-cell renewal process. The end result is visible smoothening of the skin. The skin becomes plumped up and firmer due to increased collagen stimulation in the skin’s deeper layers. Fine wrinkle lines that develop with age will also be less visible. For patients with deep acne scars, gradual reduction in scar depth will be seen over a period of time.
Protected with a pair of goggles, I was secretly hoping for a more bouncy skin texture after the treatment. Collagen is played an important role in maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin as we age. We lose the collagen over time thus to stimulate the collagen is definitely a yes yes for aging skin.

This treatment was again effortless. Just let Dr. Wilson perform his magic in minutes.  I felt light heat sensation as the laser pulse shortly on the skin.  

My final pampering treat was Serum EFX that uses electrical repulsive power for deep penetration of serum into the skin. The cooling effect helps to calm the skin and minimize pores.

Laser treatments increase permeability of the skin, thus when Serum EFX is done immediately after a laser treatment, the serum penetrates deeper and increases the efficacy of the serum, hydrating the skin.

I had my share of laser treatments before and usually it is the norm to dry the skin and after which where my hydration and moisturizers got to work harder.

This photo was taken right after the treatments. My skin appeared lightened and more youthful with slight redness. I was told to keep myself covered well with sunblock and keep the skin hydrated. 

Thank you Dr. Wilson for the effective and hassle free treatments! This was me obviously without any makeup which I did not scare anyone obviously with my refreshed pampered skin.

About P Clinic

P Clinic is an established premium medical aesthetic centre that takes pride in developing effective and safe medical aesthetic treatments; to meet the skincare and aesthetic needs of today’s society. By maximizing the efficacy of the state-of-the-art technology equipment and proprietary protocols, P Clinic provides a slate of holistic medical aesthetic treatments to help one achieve a clearer, smoother and healthier radiant skin. At P Clinic, all medical aesthetic treatments are minimal to non-invasive, safe and effective with no or minimal downtime.

P Clinic

290 Orchard Road,
#15-10/12 Paragon Medical Tower 1,
Lobby F
For more information on P Clinic, please call (65) 6100 1234
Website Address: www.p-clinic.com


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