Colormix Hotel & Hostel Review – Ximending Taipei! – Where the stay became colourful!

You may have known that I am a regular of Taiwan yearly. Each time, I would be there either for leisure or my beauty trip.

As I usually travel alone, the accommodation that I would choose must be easily accessible as I am hopeless with directions and known by my friends to get lost 90% of the time. Food is also an important where I know I would not go hungry at any time of the day as food is within reach. Not forgetting the comfort and service of the place.

Can you imagine sulky looking and staffs standing right at the counter, ignoring your needs to move your heavy luggage and staying ignorant to any discomfort of needs that you might need during the stay? Definitely a huge no no for me. I do not necessary need a luxury accommodation since I would be wandering around exploring, to the bare minimum being someone who was in the hospitality line before I would require the service and comfort place which is reasonably priced at a convenient location.

Many a times I chose Ximending for various reasons like the food which you have a good choice either street or restaurant style, reasonable choice of shopping, the train station leads you near to most of the tourist points and has quite a few nice beef noodles.

I have done my research for all the various different types of accommodation available in Ximending which I would be sharing shortly. Introducing Ah Hua, who is the manager of Colormix Hotel & Hostel with me at the colourful creative Taipei wall backdrop.

This is the distinctive colourful design of the exterior with a designated smoking corner. You will see that I would be blasting this review with loads of colours which I love during this stay.

Closeup shot of the lobby area.

Bright happy colours to welcome every guest who step into the hotel…

A corner to come by and relive your memory if you have stayed here before. A corner which you could have your internet access and plan your travel itinerary while having a chat with the staff at the lobby.

Guess who I found! The chubby me way back last year during my short stay right in the middle of the photowall.

I love the personal touch like this hand drawn image of a single room. Notice the small details in this picture.

You will probably find one of these in your room near the window.

Alongside with a pair of good old times slippers like this for your to walk around.

Each room comes with towel, hand towel, tissue, cup, stirrer and coffee sachets, cable TV, clothes hanger, free Wi-Fi.

There are various options available. You have a choice of either single or double room, window or non window, loft and non-loft. Single room would need to share the facilities like bathroom and toilet, water dispenser, refrigerator while double room will have private bathroom/toilet, electric kettle, refrigerator and safe. 
What is so special about the single room in Colormix Hotel & Hostel?
  • single room options in Ximending, usually comes with just a bed space and and four walls with barely any space to walk. In Colormix Hotel & Hostel, you have at least 2 bed space in the room
  • There is a table which you could work on and LCD TV/headset along with the above towel set provided which are usually not provided for in this type of room
  • There are international electrical sockets in the room for easy charging of devices
  • You get all the privacy you need in your own room 
  • I have tried hostels and the toilets are usually pretty small and not well maintained. In Colormix Hotel & Hostel, they subcontracted cleaners to come by daily to ensure that rooms are being tidied and the share areas are cleaned up
I have taken some photos of the few single room variations.

One of my personal favorite is the one with double bed loft option. Brought back some of my childhood memories which I used to find it fun sleeping on the upper level of the bed coupled with loads of my imagination of course. The space was cleverly used with an activity living area filled with sofa, coffee table and LCD TV.

I chose the more spacious option which was the deluxe double as I prefer to have space then a window choice. This deluxe unit is located at the opposite building of the main one. You will need the security keys to scan in the lift to get to the level.

The room comes with double bed, bathroom and toilet, sofa, coffee table, air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, safe, clothes hanger, free Wi-Fi. These was my home for the 4 days in Taipei. There is the washer and dryer at the corner where you could get your laundry done.

Daily housekeeping services are provided so the hygiene and the tidiness of the room is not compromise.

Let me just take you on a short tour of the place. There are a total of 4 levels. This is the corridor area where the rooms were being labelled in in large numbers. The male and female floors are allocated on different levels. The only setback of this location is that it does not come with a lift. However, you could always get the friendly staff at the reception to help you with your luggage which they gladly do so all the time!

Toilet and Shower area are located separately. The colourful mosaic tiles theme to brighten your trip to the toilet.

This is my favourite part of the building located on level 4. Ah Hua shared with me that many guests came to this place after seeing this wall from some media sources. Ximending has a young culture and it is not unusual to spot graffiti as you walk around. This wall graffiti was drawn to present the rich identity of Ximending and Colormix Hotel & Hostel. The iconic food like 阿宗麵線 and buildings like Red House was hand drawn. The Colormix Hotel & Hostel was drawn with rich colours and I am sure you would agree with me that this wall is a piece of art itself! 
I did an interview with Ah Hua which I would be sharing shortly on this blog too! Guess what this wall was used as the backdrop of the interview since I so love this area. I am sure you would agree as well.

This is the area which you could chill with your friends or make some new friends here.

Why ColorMix Hotel & Hostel?
Accessible Location

Clean Environment

Friendly Staff

Budget Friendly

They are easily contactable by Whatsapp, Wechat, Line or just give them a call away for your next expedition to Taipei!

ColorMix Hotel & Hostel
Reservation Hotline:+886 2 23826000
No.22, Ln. 55, Neijiang St.,
Wanhua Dist.,
Taipei City 108,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Website: www.colormixhotel.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/colormixhotel


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