Fighting my way to Fitness!

For friends who had known me through the years would know that I hardly exercise. The most would be a occasionally swim and stairs climbing. Being a working mummy makes it more challenging to juggle my time.

I finally made up my mind after much consideration when Fight X Press came along 2 months ago and offered me something I would never have tried. Muai Thai and Boxing! Along with the very patient and qualified trainers Ryan Singto Rudkin and Indrex, I experienced my firsts and surprisingly found myself to be enjoying this “torture training”.

Introducing to you Indrek Tz , the “slave driver” , I am kidding! He is my boxing mentor.

Almost felt like dying after each session but truly experience “no pain no gain” . Being the weakest in class don’t deter me from working out at my own pace while pushing myself to max.

In life, it is all about experience doesn’t it? So who wanna join me?

Challenge Yourself, The Sky’s The Limit!


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