1st 3 Door Bus Launch by SMRT on June 19!

Two three-door buses which were showcased at the bus carnival and the Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) last year will soon be deployed on the roads. The two buses, a double-deck and a single-deck bus, will provide the Land Transport Authority (LTA) an opportunity to study the impact of such designs in improving commuter flow. LTA will work with two public bus operators, Tower Transit Singapore (TTS) and SMRT Buses, to study this over a six-month period. Both buses are designed by ST Kinetics, and will include user friendly features such as passenger information display system, USB ports and wheelchair spaces.

Mr Tan Kian Heong, Managing Director, SMRT Buses and Roads Services, said: “We are delighted to partner LTA to introduce a new three-door single-deck bus for commuter trials. Our experience operating single and double-deck buses, as well as bendy buses, provides us a wealth of information and feedback on the different bus configurations that serve commuters. Such information will come in handy as we help LTA assess the suitability of the three-door bus on Singapore’s roads. This new bus is equipped with commuter-friendly features such as digital information panels and a third door which will facilitate quicker passenger exchange at bus stops, and complements our efforts to improve the overall journey experience for commuters.”

Source: SMRT

June 19 was the launch of the 1st single deck 3 door bus in Singapore. During my short stint with SMRT, I had the opportunity to plan this launch with my team.

There were 2 sessions. One with the Handicaps Welfare Association and media and the other session to start the very 1st ride for this 3 door bus with the bus fans and public who were keen to join in the ride. Checking the bus before the session starts and I was kinda nervous as well to make sure the event went well. I had also went through the features of the bus to answer any enquiries that may come along.

The weather was very kind to us without the harsh sun or heavy rain. I doubled up as the host for the launch and proceed to share the interesting features of the bus after welcoming all who came including the CD/dyCD of Keat Hong CC.  The members from HWA was then wheeled into the bus by the friendly bus captains where they took a look within the bus, followed by media interviews with the main media.
Thank you HWA for coming by to support this launch!
The media were invited to come on board to experience the very first ride.
Not a bus fan myself but yet I was totally thrilled to be on this 1st bus ride like a child.
A selfie not to be missed where the passengers were happy just to be able to squeeze into this ride!
I proceed to brief the main features of the bus on this ride as well. 
The ride completed safely at New Bridge Rd Terminal. Yea! Thank you SMRT for this once a lifetime experience!
Photo Source: SMRT

3 Door Bus Unique Features:
1. 1st single deck 3 door bus in Singapore for easy exit/improve commuter flow/reduce dwell time
2. High visibility energy saving LED sign; use 20% lesser energy usage compared to amber signs and double the brightness
3. Embedded TFT-LCD panel inside window glass with bus operator able to control and tailor the info to be displayed
4. Front seats are allocated as priority seats and second half designed for more space
5. Foldable seats to allow for more standing space
6. Integrated folding ramp for ease of wheelchairs and prams moving up and down the bus
7. USB ports designed to fit the side walls to allow commuters to charge on the go
8. High headrest support provides an ergonomic posture for commuters to have a comfortable ride
9. Safety of commuters and drivers : advanced sensors and image processing technology to track the movement of driver’s eyes, facial expression ad head to identify fatigue or distraction. Driver will receives immediate in-cab audio and seat vibration to warn driver
10. 360 degree bird eye view to enable easy maneuvering in tight areas and unrestricted visibility in front of the vehicle and also provide clear view of nearby obstacles


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