Mini Children Day Outing with Jayden plus Date with dear Sis and Mom

4 Oct started bright and chirpy. Its the first time in 2013 that I went out with my mom in sis together. Sounds incredible right? Hahaha… 

First stop, Yong Kang TCM at Choa Chu Kang Centre with mom. The physician advised her to go for acupuncture, tuina and cupping. Costs her aroung $100+ after minus $40 credit from my side. I did tuina to ease my aching shoulders which is causing me bad headache too. While waiting, me and Jayden took selfie to kill our boredom. 

This is taken by Jayden using Canon S100. Not bad for an amateur right? I secretly hope one day he can grow to love photography and take photos for the family so that I can be in the photos more often instead of selfie most of the time to satisfy my vanity. Lol…

Next stop we went to JEM food court. Jayden already knows what he wants to eat this time and nothing else. Guess what? Pizza (Meat Lover) and mushroom soup! I am glad I ordered that as he finished the full serving without any fuss and I can eat in total peace! Thus paying $7.90 for the pizza and $2.50 for the soup is worth every cent!

Nothing beats the bonding moments while the simple food fare pales in value. Mom had Sesame Chicken without the sesame taste though its well marinated. Well, as for the minced pork noodles which I forgot if it is, not very appetising too. 

I walked like 2 full rounds finally decided on the Japanese Beef Teriyaki set as the beef noodles stall failed terribly the other time I tried. The beef is rather on the salty side and the meal I would rate about 6/10. Passable to fill the hunger pangs but not motivated to come and try again. 

As its Children’s Day trip, I promised dear Jayden that I would allow him to play Lego at the Lego toy shop to reward him for accompanying 3 ladies shopping. 

Sisterly pic as Jayden is playing with his Lego
Another one… Do we look like sisters?

We managed to get very good buys at Cotton-On and H&M while poor Jayden is sulking towards the end. Its a good training for him as next time he would need to accompany his girlfriend right. Mummy is training him to be the new sensitive new age man with good fashion sense as he help me to select clothes to try which he thinks will look good on me.

Selfie in the Cotton On fitting room

Rewarding him with a strawberry sundae which I had to force
 it down myself as he could not finish after just 2 mouthful.

Its a wrap with our last stop at Macdonalds resting our tired soles and me picking up the gals later. Its a much appreciated solo moments with dear son. 


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