Ryan’s 5th Birthday and UPicnic Event at West Coast Park

Our first time participating in a mass picnic event organised by NTUC. The 3 kids were all super excited to meet their cousins Ryan and Rafeal for this date. They just love playing together. How nice to have cousins to grow up together. 

I prepared some finger food like hotdog bread, french fries and nuggets plus popcorn to ease the kids hunger pangs later part of the day. We took MRT to Dover and hop on to the free shuttle bus arranged for this event. The carpark is full with cars in the long queue as we arrived. 

The registration to pick up our picnic basket is managed in an orderly manner but its really a hot day to be queuing and I am really glad to be well prepared with my umbrella. The picnic basket is pretty good I must say. Filled with cereals, biscuits, water, poncho, sweets, picnic mat, light stick, colour material for the kids…We set up our mat somewhere near the stage and had a good view of the performance on the huge LED screen. 

Thanks to Joyce my sil , she brought along balls for the kids to entertain themselves and not forgetting the boys gluing themselves onto the Ipad screen on the latest game fad, whatever that is…

It came as a surprise that Joyce brought along a rich yummy cake from Awfully Chocolate to celebrate Ryan birthday. Sorry Ryan, Auntie Celestia did not prepare any present for you in advance. However, wishing you to be happy and healthy everyday! Quite interesting to be cutting cake in alfresco style but we all had fun. 

My dear Clovelle was so tired that she fell asleep as I was carrying her. Its such a comforting moment for me. Wishing that she will grow up slowly and for me to hold her in my arms as long as I can. 

We left the place at around 8.30pm and really thankful to have Dan family squeezing and giving us a ride back in a 4 seater vehicle. Looking forward to our next meet up!

Group photo; As usual we do not have the 2 youngest one looking at the camera…


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