Sweetie Eve 6th Birthday Party in Maplewoods!

This is sweetie Eve with her mountain of presents from many love ones. I feel blessed to be engaged to help her to capture her last major party with her buddies from Pat Schoolhouse before they proceed to their individual primary school next year.

Featuring superdaddy Kok Chin who could managed 2 kids on his own without mummy, fun loving mummy Hui Lik and their 2 beautiful kids!

The party venue was decorated nicely with colourful balloons. Love the bouquet of balloons with the number 6.

Kids loving the candy floss and helped themselves with servings after servings! Look at the happy faces as they devour the candy floss!

Hui Lik and Kok Chin having loads of fun at the party too catching with some close friends and relatives.

This is Eve having absolute fun with her friends! Guess the efforts from Kok Chin and Hui Lik are all paid off from her happy faces in these photos.  She took couple photos with Jadon, her dearest boyfriend. Jadon is one lucky guy with 3 gals crazy over her! Mummy Rebecca is going to be very busy with her beautiful kids!

Macaroons fever….. Don’t they just look soooo pretty! I am bought over by the salted caramel version. YUMMY! Plus must make mentioned the curry chicken prepared by Daddy Kok Chin. Many good reviews among the guests! 

This is the climax of the party where the daddies are finally made to work with this tug of war! Apparently they enjoyed the workout from the look of their faces while the mummies were laughing away at the corner. Hahahaha…

Next is the amazing race where the kids are divided into 2 teams trying to locate the hidden clues and solve the puzzles within. Workout time around the condo compound while the adults chill in the function room. Eve’s team has the advantage as she knew the place pretty well. Good workout for me too as I have not been running about for ages. Geez.. These kids are like charged with lithium batteries while me in the Energizer batteries version trying to keep up. Nevertheless, this is a good opportunity for me to tone and lose say about 1g of fats? LOL

After the amazing race is the chill off time, where the kids are entertain by a magic show. This is the second time that I am seeing him. The first is at Rachel 10th Anniversary celebration at Antoinette. I must say the kids love him. This time he has an assistant to help him. The magic show ended with the kids playing with the bunny.

Don’t you love this beautiful rainbow cake with the piggy family representing them as the toppers. As usual, the kids went gaga over rainbow! I have a small piece and it taste soft and light. YUMZ…

Time to sing Happy Birthday and cake cutting time. Eve seems to take some time trying to blow out the candles but she is very blessed to have the help of many. Look at how hard she was trying in the photo!

Happy faces of the guests who attended! The party could not have been more fun without all of you. Please pardon me if I happen to miss you out in the collage due to the size constraint. The most part is all of you had fun!

Concluding this blog with the Blessed Ang Family Collage! Thank you for inviting Faith Moments Photograhy to be a part of your beautiful memory!


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