Gals Children’s Day Out

The gals are not going to school today thus I brought them out to IMM for a short outing. The moment they set sight on this escalator, both of them rushed over. Clovelle started showing signs of fear much to my amusement. This little tiger is showing fear over this??? Hahaha…

First stop, we went over to Daiso. Cannot help but picked up this hot pink lace design tray as my work tray. Sweet isn’t it? Bought another beige one for the cups and jug area. Daiso started selling Christmas stuff really early besides the Halloween items. Well, I bought some too! Not forgetting  a pair of pink scissors, tidbits as well.

These 2 gals would dash right to the nearest play station they see! Faint! Anyway, since young I do not cultivate any practise of putting coins into such for a ride. Thus my only loss is my time. They enjoyed themselves all the same posing happily for me as I shoot away with my Note 2.

We took the feeder bus back to JCube and unfortunately we were awards with a heavy downpour. Thus we wonder off to JCube for a while till the rain turns into a drizzle. As we walk pass Payless, I glimpsed upon these boots. I thought they look pretty cool for the gals. Guess what? The black ones were only $10 now (Usual: $49.90) and the brown pair $15! Such a steal! I got a bigger size for Clovelle hoping that she could wear it with Chloez and Chloez will have 2 pairs since her size is available. I always have this thing for boots and apparently Chloez too. She immediately could identify it as boots and not shoes and started “Yee-Ha-ing” away. Hahaha… 

After this purchase, I checked the weather and realised that its just a pass-by shower. So much for a fated buy! 


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