TELL REAL STORIES with your photography by Edwin Koo

Photo: http://www.kathmanduinsideout.com

I am very fortunate to be able to attend this seminar thanks to Francis for helping to get the tickets as well as Edwin for graciously extending this invitation though the 40pax limit had been reached. This is my first time attending a photography related seminar and my first meet up with Francis too after being a Facebook friend for some time now. I wore my Tracyeinny polka v-neck navy jumpsuit today for a simple chic look.

The event took place in a cozy shophouse gallery environment with Pernod Ricard Singapore kindly sponsoring complimentary drinks of Martell Cordon Bleu to all seminar participants but most were too engrossed to listen then to drink. 

The seminar covered topics on 

– Behind the scenes of Edwin’s first monograph “Paradise” 
– Behind the scenes and exclusive photos from Pakistan and Nepal 
– How everyone can make photo stories from ordinary subjects
– Introduction to a unique overseas photography course offer in Dec 2013: Kathmandu INSIDE:OUT 

You can find out more about the Masterclass from http://www.kathmanduinsideout.com.

Its a pretty insightful seminar as Edwin share his experience in Kathmandu on how he work with the local journalists to mingle with the locals to get them to open up to him for a up close and personal story through his lens. He also shares the process of how he capture “the moments” using 2 body and lens and prints out the photos to make the final selection of the chosen photos.

There was a sharing segment of the past works of the course participants which were all pretty amazing as the photos really bring out “a picture speaks a thousand words” fully. I especially love the cover photo as its taken with the participant lying down the floor and capturing the face of the porter who is always faced downwards due to the immerse load on his back. There is another photo with a baby cover with a food cover on a floor which grabbed my attention instantly being a mummy. Jamie, ex participant 2012 shared how she uncover the story of a couple having a child without being married are frowned upon in their society.

From this seminar, I understand the difference between photo-journalism and the kind of photos that I am taking right now. The feel of the photos for photo-journalism are very much expressed distinctively though black and white without the need for crystal sharp images with the right framing and composition but to get the coverage you might be emotionally involved. Its a much uphill task to be away from home, to experience the diversity in culture and thoughts, away from our comfort zone and urban life and to eventually compose a story for the world to see through the lens. I honestly feel that I would not be able to survive!

Photo with Francis Lee and Caroline after the event

Photo with the 2 masters: Edwin Koo and Francis Lee! I feel like a drawf beside them despite my heels!


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