Drum Roll! Presenting Rayes Luke Lim!

Elaine and I first met on 28 Sep 2012 during Maybe Baby Fashion Show 2012 rehearsal in Mediacorp. As the fashion show choreographer. She gave very useful tips on pacing, posing and posture during a catwalk. I really had loads of fun back then walking down the stage with my 3 kiddos. The most valuable gift I took back was a friendship that I treasured till now. I was awfully excited and elated for her when she told me about her 2nd pregnancy. 

Presenting Rayes Luke Lim! He popped in Mount Alvenia on 16 October 2013 at 3plus in the afternoon by Caesarean weighing a whopping 3.4kg and 53cm. Tall and sturdy baby! Woke up early this morning and brought along Jayden and Chloez to visit mummy and baby. He is such a darling. He made such a fuss after he is done with breastfeeding but slept really soundly after I swaddled him and sang him a lullaby. 

Gosh, I really missed my 3 kids being newborn. The wimpy cries, explosions of expressions when they sleep, bonding during breastfeeding, witnessing the tiny milestones as they grow and many more. 

I have a feeling he will grow to look like Elaine. If so, he will be a pretty boy! Look at how sweetly he is sleeping, twitching his lips, stretching himself occasionally. I am sure Kaiser will love his little brother!

Here’s the glowing mummy preparing to have her lunch. Honestly, you really cannot tell that she has just given birth cos she still look so good without makeup. She is one of the rare few blessed with natural beauty. 

Selfie with Prince Rayes. I just love carrying newborns! My ootd is the romper from Tracyeinny. <3 I love the colours except the bust area is not fitted enough.

Mummy Elaine helping with the group shot. Plus 2 other selflies. LOL…

We stayed around for about 2 hours till daddy came back from his lunch break. Its been a long time since I carried a newborn for more than half an hour. Thank you Elaine for allowing me to handle Prince Rayes! During the visit, we had an overdued catch up session chatting on kids sibling rivalry, breastfeeding, confinement practices, her birth story… Its definitely an afternoon well spent. 

We took the shuttle bus back to Novena and ate the pasta with fish and chips in Fork and Spoon food court. Jayden simply love pasta and the cream mushroom soup combo. Plus I ignore the cholesterol alert and indulged in the coconut laden Chendol! I just have this thing for coconut milk with gula melaka. Mmm…

Here’s Jayden and Chloez pretending to be driving a bus. Guess anything to kill off the boredom when waiting for the train. Then again I could not resist another selfie. LOL. Happy Thursday indeed!


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