Snip Snip Away Hair & Red Red Mane on 11.11.13!

It has been at least a year plus since I permed my hair and my last colour was beginning of the year. Time to tidy up my dry, frizzy and unruly hair. I bought a Heavenly Cutz Groupon voucher at $48 that comprises of colour, treatment and cut and hopefully can help to resolve my hair woes before the 2 baby full month parties on Saturday. Took a few photos before setting off to Far East Plaza.

My dear Chloez waiting patiently for me while I do my hair. Peter Soh, the salon manager, attended to me when I reached and help to advise on my hair colour. I decided to choose a more reddish tone this time instead of the usual copper and brown to brighten up my yellowish skin tone. I shortened my hair about 3 inches to trim off the dry ends. Good riddance to all the bad luck I hope. Hahaha… Topped up another $30 for colour lock and scalp treatment and hopefully its doing justice to my hair.

Went over to Ion to eat beef noodles as usual and had I am glad that Chloez love beef noodles nearly as much as I do! Really appreciate having gals as I doubt Jayden would have the patience to keep me company the whole afternoon without fussing.  She was really well behaved flipping through the magazines in the salon to keep occupied without any tablets!

I quite like the change in the new haircut except for the uneven colour on my hair which was kinda noticeable I feel. The usual salon I been to usually put colour dye on the new grown hair area first then on the coloured hair so as to achieve a closer tone but Heavenly Cutz put the colour dye all at a go. I really wonder how to get a close tone for new and coloured hair? Anyway, I don’t think I will patronised them again. Took some selfie photos when I reached home on my new mane anyway with my S100. šŸ™‚


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