Baker Pauline Chan High Tea Event at Bosch Experience Centre on 29 November 2013

This is my first time meeting up with Pauline after being tempted by her Facebook profile on her lovely bakes for several months now. It was a pleasant surprise to be invited by her and I grabbed the opportunity knowing I could sample her irresistible bakes. She is definitely a jovial and friendly shifu making everyone feeling at ease learning from her. Here we are hugging away for a shot on our first meetup! ๐Ÿ™‚

The high-tea includes macarons, petite four, chocolate petite four with frosty whip, cone wafer creations, Ayam mas chilli tuna waffle, chocolate cupcakes, Sponge fruit cake, colourful Eclairs and many others creation by Pauline. Look at these pretty creations and most of us could not help but took out our cameras to snap at the sweeties before carefully savouring it. My personal favourites were the salted caramel macarons, eggs tarts and the cone wafer creations. Salted caramel had always been my soft spot as I loved the sweet and salty combination with the rich aroma of the caramel lingering in my mouth. The egg tarts were a good fusion of east and west. The fillings being the traditional soft egg custard and the outer using pastry crust. The cone wafers brought along a Xmas feel when its cleverly decorated with Mr Snowman smiling right at you. Awww…

Everyone enjoying the high tea and catching with like minded baking pals before the demo starts.

To start the session rolling, Pauline drew out 4 lucky winners who won for themselves halal frosty whip, halal fruit peel made in Singapore and chocolate truffles. 

Everyone were all so excited when the demo starts. Pauline did a demo on chocolate cupcake with frosty whip & santa Fondant design and cookie decorating using chocolate. During the process of the demo she gave tips and techniques to fold the batter, baking and decorating. There was also a frosty whip demo to show how easy and versatile we could use it in our bakes.

Look at how the ladies were so engrossed in listening and asking questions during the demo.

The ladies were given a chance to try baking and decorating but most of us were still busy chatting away. This gonna be the case when you put ladies together. We talked about anything and everything! :p

Once again, I like to thank Pauline for this wonderful afternoon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ For those keen in learning from her, you could go to her website at http://www.cookiedecoratinginsingapore.com . 


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