Bottomslim Thigh Firming Experience

I was invited for a trial on their latest machine on 14 March and choose the outlet at Jurong East since its the nearest to me. The friendly staff at Bottomslim welcomed me and brought me to a consultation room after I filled up a form on my health status. Inside the room, a detailed body measurement was taken. After discussion on the concerned area, I decided a thigh firming treatment using their latest machine. There was a form to sign releasing Bottomslim from any bruises arising from the treatment. I would say a smart move. See what happens later.

This is a 20mins treatment with 10mins on each back thigh area, apparently the so called thigh treatment do not include the full thighs but part of it. Hmm… There was a chilling cream applied before the process started and I was really cold throughout. They will take a photo and show you how big is the difference on the before and after, despite me telling them I am cold and they still taking their own sweet time in taking the so called successful aftermath photo. Of course the legs will be firmer since the muscles were all tensed up with the pain. I can say the full 20mins is excruciating and the therapist claimed that the pain will lessened after each treatment.

Honestly, my family all got so worried after they saw my both thighs so full of bruises even on day 3! For me I would not go through this ever again… Too much of a torture… My verdict 1/10 for the treatment and 3/10 for the pushy sales consultant.

Today Day 4!  Gruesome right?


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