Happy 6th Birthday Chloez!

Happy birthday my dearest beloved Chloez! I hope you love the cake that mummy has made for you. Its your favourite chocolate cake with chocolate chips coated with strawberry cream surrounded by vanilla cupcakes topped with rainbow stars and white chocolate. Plus the pinky backdrop which mummy has DIY to make your photos a little more interesting. Plus the Hello Kitty birthday set which I know you will adore!

Few shots of my sweetheart…

Me and my sweeties…

Ah ma has bought a vanity desk much requested by Chloez. Jayden has his angry bird toy and Clovelle her pinky singing microphone as she just love singing! Ah ma was a Santa but well the kids LOVE it! Plus yiyi gave her Hello Kitty watch too!

 Rare family photo…

Here we go… Happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… hahaha…

Cutting cake ceremony… Yumz

More family photos to complete the day… Chloez was totally over the moon though it was a simple celebration. She helped me with the baking and decoration too. I love you my baby. From the moon and back… LOL


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