Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist : Visit to the Society of the Aged Home

This is my first time officially visiting an Aged Home. It is Society for the Aged Sick in 130, Hougang Avenue 1. I am looking forward to it as I felt this would be the most meaningful event as a Mrs Singapore 2014 finalist. Met up with one of my BFF Tutti and we proceeded to the Home together.  I certainly hope the elderly enjoyed the session as we bring them through the many songs and dance performance by the multi talented Mrs Singapore/Classic Singapore finalists plus the Queens.
Working with cher Jaya ( I called her cher as she is a teacher. Lol…) as emcee was really fun as she had a great personality. I have prepared a Chinese song 甜密密 and was the Chinese emcee of the day. My very first time hosting in Chinese but gladly do it as it is with a good cause.
I spent the spent talking to the elderly and many a times it brought tears to me eyes. I miss my grandmother. She is very dear to me and I was the last person she saw before passed away. I was under her care when I was young and though living just in a simple one room flat in red hill, all I felt was her love for me and that’s what I ever needed. We shared simple breakfast moments where she will help me pour horlick onto the glass saucer while I will slowly sip from there. Or accompany her to her occasion majong session in a rickshaw. Or she will give me 5 cents to buy kacang puteh from the Indian man in a pull cart. As I grow, we share our likes of accessories and I love how she giggled with me as we compared hers and mine. A-mah, I really miss you…
The old people were a jovial lot and they are so appreciative of us being there for them. Seriously I really need to being my kids to visit an Aged Home some day. To spend time with them, to understand that there are many out there who needed our attention instead of spending their time on electronic gadgets, toys and watching tv. These old folks have loads of experience to share and they certainly needed our attention.
She is Tan Ah Pong. One of the many who touched my heart. We had a chat over her lunch and she is a very independent lady who refuse me feeding her, folded her own wheelchair and led me to her bed.  Unmarried and her worldly possessions are all placed on her bed and bedside her. She shared with me her photo and oh my she was so pretty in her younger days. We talked more on her baptism and the pastor who came to visit her.  Such a amiable lady! Time for me to report for briefing though and left quite unwillingly. You must take care ya Auntie Tan!
Snapshots with the Queens! I am so blessed!
Queens power! 
Group Photo of Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist
Group Photo of Mrs Singapore and Mrs Classic Singapore 2014 Finalist
Photo with the beautiful people from Fresver !
So how do I look as a finalist? 🙂

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