Jayden 2H NHPS Learning Journey in Botanic Garden

Good morning all! Woke up at 530am getting ready to help as a parent volunteer in Jayden’s 2H class in NHPS. Sleepy for me but after looking at his sunshine smile, it brightens me up all over again. I quickly drank my OPC, B complex and Digestive Enzymes before I dash off to school. OPC helps in anti aging  and detox plus many benefits as it contains pycnogenol, grape wine , bilberry and grapeseed. B complex helps to give energy, decrease stress and improve mood. Digestive enzymes helps in promotes healthy cholesterol level , digestion and absorption of nutrient. Great combination right? I am all ready to GO!
Jayden is in the yellow team and each PV(Parent Volunteer) takes care of about 6 students. Look at the beautiful smiles on their faces. They were all so excited to go. Waiting for the bus at the foyer now.

Their innocent smiles brought sunshine to all the PVs who were there…

Thank god for the cool and not so hot weather when we reached Botanic Gardens. First stop, Ginger Garden. They have this worksheet that they need to read the info board and fill up the answers.

Form teacher Mr Fairoz have this interesting idea to set the gals behind the waterfall. Interesting but could not capture much of the faces though…

Yellow team!
Its breaktime near the Grandstand area. Spotted some bees within the Grandstand and thus walked to nearby pavement where the kids had a short break. Guess they were looking forward to it as they enthusiastically brought out their snacks and even shared it with their friends. 
One observation that a few of them do not dare to sit on the pavement for fear of dirt. Mr Fairoz was firm in getting them to sit and show example by sitting on the pavement.
Let’s play scissors, paper, stones! The winner gets the last gummy sweet from Nicole! LOL…Kids can think of all sorts of ways to get what they want.

Another round to get the winner…

Its the boys turn for the photo taking session!
Another segment of orchid drawing, statues search and filling up the worksheet. Its interesting to watch how serious and engrossed as they were trying to get the answers.
Final break before they go. This time we laid mats and its like a mini picnic in the nature. Fresh air, warm sunrays and beautiful view makes this the perfect place for a picnic.

Yellow team!

Jayden and his BFF plus we had a stroll at the swan lake before we go.

Photo with Teacher Fairoz in front of the infamous $5 note Tembusu tree.

Class 2H!

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