Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist : Mayer Cooking Contest – Me & Dardar With Our Cheesy Love

This day was not as stress as the day before as I do not have to be on stage. Its just fun using the amazing airfryer from Mayers to prepare a healthy dish. Its cooking contest but ironically I feel its much more comforting than a singing one. Oh my… Look at how pro all the mummies were in the apron. We look all ready to battle the airfryer. Lalalala…

Simply cannot miss taking photos with the queens! Don’t they just look so so stunning!

PRECIOUS couple shot with dardar… As we seldom take photos together plus its our 1st cooking contest. Need to commemorate this photo… We are looking good together right? :p

Fruits of our labour. Tada! Cheesy love made with chicken breast, mash potatos and wholemeal crumbs. Allow me to describe a little more. We wanted this dish to have layering taste thus we sliced the chicken breast horizontally first, cheese, mash potato with shitake mushroom sauce, lightly toasted breadcrumbs plus wholemeal cereals with a dash of black pepper before we rolled it with egg/milk wash and go with the final layer of breadcrumbs and wholemeal cereals. Pop into the airfryer at 150 degrees and this was what we got!
Best served hot with the cheddar cheese melting as you bite it! My gals love it!

The winners goes to Cheryl, Tuti and Cicilia! Congrats to them and I am looking foward trying out their recipes soon which will be printed by Mayers!


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