Mrs Singapore Finalist 2014- The Judgement Day!

The day started early with me lagging my gown to Susan place for makeup and hairdo which I have mentioned in my earlier entry. Do I look like the eveil character in the 101 dalmatians. LOL.

The completed look!

The points given for the pre-judging contribute to 50% of the final score to win the pageant. That sounds just like exam right. I hope I did well.
10 points for self introduction and platform.
10 points for dress/ make up/ hair
10 points for poise & beauty
10 points for personality
10 points for communication skills

We will have to do a cat walk, poise when we first entered to room.Then spends 5 mins at each table with 2 judges to share on our 20s platform of what we would like to do if we win the pageant before the judges throw us the interview questions. There were about 11 tables so can you imagine our stress levels! Other than sponsors, many of the judges were past year beauty queens.

Photo credit to Jessie Ting. Did you see me at the 3rd table with the judges? 
We go into the room in group of 8 so while the others are being interview, the rest of us took the chance to quick take a group photo to ease off the nervousness. Don’t you agree that everyone look great! I have made many friends during this journey as a finalist. Married beauties from different culture and background coming together this far. Wishing everyone good luck!

 Another group photo with beautiful Betty and Angela with the group of us that has completed out prejudging round!

Some snapshots of us in our pageantry pose! You know this hands on the waist pose had became a habit for me even  in my normal photo taking session. LOL.

For ladies, we definitely could not go without the selfies even if we are mummies!

 Honoured to be taking photo with the gorgeous beauty queens and Alex!

Group photos with everyone inculding the judges, ERM and sponsors.
Sponsored Hair & Makeup: Susan Beauty Artistry [ Wedding . Fashion . Event ]
Sponsored Camera Usage: Casio Exilim Singapore
Sponsored Shoes: Riccino Shoes


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