Mrs Singapore 2014 Finalist – Final Showdown – Awards!!!

Have You Guessed What Awards I Won?
They are Mrs Community Service Queen 2014 and Mrs Style Essence 2014! Thank you ERM, judges and sponsors for the awards! Though I did not won the Top 5 but I am happy bagging these 2 awards.
Community Service is something that is close to my heart which I have been planning to start for years but never really got started. I am glad that I am awarded this title to have the opportunity to plan something to help those in need. The ration that I haver garnered earlier for the Society of the Aged Sick with the help of kind hearted friends and YES supermarket was my 1st and there is more to come.



Excited to be selected to be the ambassador for Style Essence, I am looking forward to the activities ahead! My shock expression shown all over my face as these 2 awards are announced. The feeling of having a tiara over my head, sash and trophy in hand indeed add a little glam into my life story. In fact the 3 kids all rejoicing over mummy’s gain and seeing the happiness on their faces makes it all worth while.
Photo by dardar
Photo by Vani

I am sure the end of the pageant meant the start of a more meaningful road ahead for me as I have learnt loads and grown stronger.
Dedication Words for those who was with me through this journey:

 “Through this journey as a Mrs Singapore finalist, I gained some priceless friendship, felt stronger on doing my part for the aged, experience the bonding/support from the beautiful mummies, witness the strength of woman as a wife and mother, touching family life stories, women standing strong despite the past adversity, discover a whole load of what I could never have done before like dancing on stage, and of course the value of a family. Many thanks to the family and friends who has supported me from near and far!

I like to thank ERM for approaching me not once but at least twice. To take the step into this pageant journey will definitely mark a beautiful chapter in my life story. There are many heros behind all these planning, just to name a few like Sarah, Jac, Kat and not to mention Angela our “nanny” who is there to manage the group of chatty aunties, being our best listening ear, screaming at times but we all know you meant the best for us. Must must give credit to Rafal aka Fatima who has painstakingly trying to turn us into a sexy diva on stage and being so patient to me as I have zero genes in dancing! Plus all the beauty queens who had shown so much support and gave us the many tips during the events. Not forgetting the generous sponsors who has been pampering us with your products and services.

The laughter, sweat, excitement, support shared among the finalists was something that I would never have experience if this very first step was not taken. I like to thank every single one of the finalists and no matter who the winner may be, you are all a queen in my heart! “

Photo on ERM Program Book

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