28 May: A Day where 2 Angels Descend from Heaven to Me! Happy Birthday Jayden & Clovelle!

I woke up early in the morning deciding how I should do a simple decor for my 2 angels Jayden and Clovelle. Jayden is borned on 28 May 2006 and Clovelle on 28 May 2010. Same day and exactly 4 years apart. 1 week before my birthday on 4th June. I still remember I spent my 2 birthdays in confinement and I have sweet friends like Ling Yee and Ivy who came by with my favourite cheese cake! That’s the power of friendship! 
Drag out my backdrop stand and found some past day/night curtains as my backdrop. Rummaged through my past birthday supplies and wala! These are what you see! Not fantastic but the kids love it to bits! Plus they got so excited after I displayed the presents on the table. The thing about birthdays is every kid will have a present but the birthday child will have something more special.

Strawberry cream cake from Pine Gardens. Have been ordering their cakes for years and they never failed to surprise me and my guests. DIY on the decor with Strawberry Shortcake and Angry bird cake toppers, balloons and the number candles. Thanks to my mother-in-law who prepared the red eggs, agar agar, curry chicken and bee hoon.

My 2 beautiful angels: Jayden and Clovelle Foo!

Presenting my 3 angels: Clovelle, Jayden and Chloez with Clovelle looking inda lost here. Lol. Dunno what she was thinking about.

My lovely 3 angels!

 We sang the birthday song 3 times! 2 times in English for Jayden and Clovelle and 1 time in Chinese for both. Wishing you grow healthy and happy cos mummy and daddy love you loads!

I love to ask this question. Do we look alike? My younger sis Richelle who’s 7 years younger than me. I am waiting impatiently for her to get married soon. Hee…

The 3 ladies from the Chong family!

Kids busy with their new found toys… Seriously, this dough thing is irritating me BUT Clovelle love it max!


Princess Chloez who’s very dear to me.

Prince Jayden busy at play… 
Its a cozy family celebration but to me what matters is the family spends quality time together. The smiles from the kids says it all. That’s all I need. 

Happy birthday Jayden & Clovelle!

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